This And That – April 2015

In the short screencast below I demonstrate how I find sites for my blog posts. Two of my favorite sites are:

If you’re a geek or a geek wannabe then these are great sites.



These And That…

Once a month I’m going to briefly mention what I’m doing with these  devices (Macbook, iPad, Nexus 5).  That other part will be some interesting sites on the Internet.

  • iPad – Just installed IOS 8. As of this writing there is a problem with connecting your iPad via airplay to your Apple TV
  • Macbook – the new operation system (Yosemite) should be out by the end of the month
  • Nexus 5 – I am really enjoying the PacketCasts App.  I’m listening or watching the following podcasts everyday:
    • Marketplace
    • Fresh Air
    • Ted Radio Hour
    • Daily Show with Jon Steward
    • All About Android

If you need to know the latest happenings our Digital World I highly recommend these two sites

Any websites that you want to include on “These and That”?

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End Of The Year Goodies

Attention Apple Products Users .  Apple through the Itunes Store is offering  12 days of gifts until Jan 6th. Today is a download of the Martin Scorcese Film  Hugo.

It´s a download with a value of $19.99. You can find the app in the App store under ¨12 Days¨.  You may need a VPN if you´re in Ecuador but certainly worth a try if you don´t have one.


Researchbuzz is one of my favorite tech news sources. Tara Calishain has been researching the Net for 20 years.  Today’s post has some real gems


Finally, my good friend Alan from Mississippi sent me a great video link tutorial on how to better search Google. Well worth a look.

Power_Searching_with_GoogleLastly to my friends and subscribers – Happy New Year – Feliz Año Nuevo

3 Must Have Web Resources

Now that I’m retired I view less websites. Playing Tennis, Poker and Bridge has a higher priority. But, as a life long geek I still keep up on technology. The following 3 web sites I highly recommend to anyone that wants to keep up on technology .My all time favorite is ResearchBuzz 

  1. I have been following Tara Calishain, the author of Researchbuzz for over 10 years. She covers technology and cats with a sage perspective. This is a must have resource.


2.  Digital Inspiration is you goto site for Google tips and tricks and general suggestions on technology shortcuts.


3. Finally, Mashable is expert device on just about anything with an emphasis on technology. Be prepared to devote at least an hour to Mashable the first time you visit the site.  You’ve been warned


This And That On The Internet

I have been browsing some of my favorite sites and found these gems.  Some are time sensitive.

Many of the above findings come from my very favorite site  Research Buzz

Screenshot 12:26:12 1:03 PM