Hogar Esperanza Lunch And Bingo

Change of date for Hogar de Esperanza Lunch and Bingo – We are moving the bingo event originally scheduled for Thursday to a Buffet Brunch and Bingo this Sunday, June 24th. We apologize to those who planned to attend Thursday and look forward to seeing you on Sunday instead.

The format will be a pancake brunch buffet, featuring a smoked salmon and cream cheese bialy from Lenny and Kelbert of Loaves and Fishes, bacon and sausage from King Smokehouse, and coconut cream tarts for dessert from Double D’s Delights. Brunch buffet is $10 and starts at 11:00. Bingo starts at 1:00 PM. Grecia Restaurant Gran Colombia 9-69 between Benigno Malo and Padre Aguirre. Cash bar.

This is a series of small events held by Hogar de Esperanza to help raise funds to support our programs and to discuss our plans for the future. Your participation and input is greatly appreciated.

Rachel Duncan: info@hogaresperanza.org 096 896 2015. Call after: 6 AM.


Bumba Bazaar June 16th

Saturday June 16th  from 10:00 – 2:00 pm

Take a stroll on the Tomebamba River this Saturday and stop at The Bumba Bazaar and Fair.

14 vendors selling:

Bakery Goods
Aged Cheese
Goat Cheese
Smoked Provolone

Tracy’s Treasures
Franco Organico Coffee and Peanuts

King Smokehouse Bacon
Leather Goods
Natural Honey

Mediterranean Products

Bird Houses

Bumba Restaurant is located on 3 de Noviembre next to the old Sofy’s location

099 122 1238

Which Cloud Service Stores Your Photos?

I use Flickr, Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photos. The first question that may come to your mind is the following: –  Why do you need all three? The short answer is – you don’t.  So here is the back story.

I joined Flickr in 2003. The cost is $24 a year for 1 TB (over 1/2 million photos) The main reason that I still use Flickr is the social connection to their worldwide photographers.  You can use Flickr for free with limited storage and advertisements.

Amazon Prime Photos comes free with your annual Prime Membership ($119 per year). Like Flickr each photo is automatically saved to The Cloud and you can conveniently check your photos using a smartphone app.

Google Photos is totally free and has unlimited storage. The free version does not keep you original resolution. So be careful if you erase the original. The cloud storage looses some resolution.

Which one is the best?

Each of the services has their pluses and minuses. If I had to choose one it would be Google Photos for the following reasons:

  • Free
  • Super simple to use
  • Best photo editor
  • Automatically puts tags based on the GPs
  • integrates with the Google platform of applications
  • Did I mention free unlimited storage.

Loaves And Fishes New Products

June is the month to treat yourself on the following new products:

Don’t forget.  Send your favorite fish, lamb, duck or bread recipe  (lennycharnoff@gmail.com) and win a prize from Loaves And Fishes

Skills You Had Before The Internet

Pop Quiz CTL Subscribers. Put on your thinking caps and name a couple of skills you needed before the Internet and having a smartphone in your purse or pocket.

  • Spelling – I can remember being a decent speller. Now I just ask Google or Alexa to spell a word.
  • Arithmetic – With a calculator on every phone you can just type in or better yet just say “Ok Google add these numbers”.
  • Maps- remember looking at a printed map for the directions . If you’re born before 1990 you may have never looked at a physical maps
  • Libraries – This one is very sad for me because libraries and physical book stores were always a wonderful trip for me. Now a student can wait to the very last minute to do their assignments
  • Writing printed (non email)  letters. The image of being a college freshman just flashed in my head. Coming down to the collection of dormitory mailboxes and getting that letter from home was a cherished experience.
  • Typewriters. Taking a typing course in High School was a big bonus in searching for material now.
  • Photo Albums:  The skill of filing has totally been replaced by digital photo albums and tags.

Summary: Although my life style and my ability to find information has greatly improved with the Internet. I think these are some of the down sides that have affected me.

  • My handwriting has deteriorated. I don’t even enjoy writing.
  • I am thoroughly addicted to my smartphone.
  • My patience for listening  is at an all time low.
  • I am too easily distracted.

What skills have you lost since the Internet is so much a part of our lives?