TasteMade – TV Worth Watching

I wanted to share Tastemade, a super TV find. I’m watching it on Apple TV but you can watch it on the web or your smartphone. There is also an app you can download on your Smartphone.

Here is the about statement:

Tastemade is a video network built for the mobile generation. We enable Tastemakers to come together to discover and share their passion for great food and travel.

We bring this to life on every screen from smartphones to connected TVs for a global community that reaches over 25 million people monthly.


Tonight I watched two of their programs

  • Raw, Vegan And Not Gross  with Laura Miller
  • Day of Gluttony – 24 Restaurants in 24 Hours – Portland Oregon.

Wonderful Videography, Great Food Reviews and healthy additions to your diet. This is a run, don’t walk to site.



Pocket – App Of The Month

App Of The Month is a new feature to CTL.  Pocket, this month’s app is one that I use everyday.  Pocket is an app and web extension that runs on Android, IOS and Chrome. Pocket saves web pages and articles for later retrieval using another device.

For example, I can save the webpage below to Pocket by simply clicking on the Pocket Chrome Extender that I installed on my Chrome Browser.


I can now use my iPad or Nexus 5 to retrieve that article even if I am not connected to the Internet. Below is how the article is saved to Pocket on my Nexus 5


There is a great LifeHacker article on how to better use Pocket here


Apps To Make Your Life Easier

I guess there was a life before iPhones, iPads and Android but I can’t seem to remember it :-). All the apps that are reported here work on both the IOS and Android platform.

I am probably on my Nexus (smartphone) and iPad 2-3 hours a day. Some of the apps are repeated each day. For example:

  • Moves – A pedometer and maps of my walking and bus routes
  • Magic Jack- I can call back to my friends and family anywhere in Ecuador
  • Evernote- Taking notes and reminders
  • Flipboard – Personalized news
  • Pocket Cast – Listening to NPR and other news stories

Other apps I use for customized purposes. For example:

  • Bridge Base – Playing Dupiicate Bridge with partners around the world
  • Netflix – Viewing Movies and TV programs
  • Easy Taxi- calling a taxi on a rainy day
  • Weather Timeline – finding the weather for a future travel.
  • DuoLingo  – Language Tutorials – I use this to practice my Spanish

The TedBlog Website has a fantastic post on

25+ apps to make your everyday life easier

What are your favorite apps?


Android Material Design

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. Do you know what Material Design is? Better yet. Should you care?  You should care if you have Lollipop 5.0, the latest operating system for Android Phones. I have the Nexus 5 so all my apps use the new OS. Material Design makes it easier for my eyes and the animation makes it quicker and fun to use .

Not all apps use the new Material Design. Below are screen captures for some of them and this article from The Next Web lists 15 of the top material design apps

material design 1

mat design 2




Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is essential to living in Ecuador. When we first arrive in Ecuador we go through stages.

  1. Little or no Spanish and dependent on translators or Spanish speaking friends.
  2. Restaurant/Taxi Spanish. We know some directions and how to order food
  3. Baby Spanish – we can get around but we get strange looks
  4. Pre- Conversant Spanish – We still get strange looks but most of our conversation makes sense
  5. Conversant Spanish – We have our favorite verbs and in Cuenca use “dolarito” and cafecito”

I take Spanish lessons from a very competent teacher. She comes to your home and customizes the lessons for your level. I take lessons twice a week and I can now go to the IESS appointments without a translator. I shop at the Indigenous Organic Markets and can recognize all the different fruits and vegetables. I can also go to utility companies and find solution to problems.

My teacher is Linda Astudillo.  Her contact information.

Email – marylinda2tudillo@gmail.com

Phone – 097 9072715

Linda understands most English but is mostly Spanish speaking. Her rates are $10 an hour for private lessons and has a sliding scale for couples or groups.

What Are You Watching On TV

This Sunday Morning like every Sunday Morning I watched CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood on my Apple TV. The episodes are always good. Today they had on a repeat show about Braddock, Pa. once home to the gigantic Carnegie Steel Industry. 90 % of the residents have moved away. The new mayor is inspirational. This a run don’t walk to program. Restoring A Rust Belt Town





Yahoo Turns 20

We take the Internet for granted. But Google is younger than Yahoo and Yahoo is celebrating 20 years on the stock market when the opening bell will be a yodel. Below is a graphic of 20 words that didn’t exist when the company launched. Here are my favorites. What are yours?

  • Blog
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Podcast
  • Tweet
  • Wifi

20 words