2015 Internet Trends

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. Which company still remains in the top 15 for the last twenty years on the Internet. If you said “Apple” then go to the head of the class. “Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends reports are the closest you’ll get to gospel”. Techcrunch does a fantastic job summarizing 197 slides here 

Other notable stats are as follows:

  • 5.6 hours a day time spent per adult user on the Internet
  • 2.8 billion Internet Users In The World
  • 2.1 Smartphone Subscribers In The World



The New Flickr 4.0

Flickr has been my choice of photo storage and sharing since 2004. It has always been the stepchild of Yahoo until recently when Flickr offered 1 TB of free storage. Now it has changed its design and UI(User Interface) to become the premier photo sharing service. Here are the features that should convince you to make Flickr your photo storage and sharing choice.

  • 1 TB of autobackup. Every picture you take automatically uploads with a private setting to Flickr
  • New Phone Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Redownloading – For example download all your parrot pictures from 2006 to your computer
  • Camera Roll – sort photos by date, upload, tag, album, group etc.
  • Instant Share Button – via link, facebook, email, twitter, etc.
  • Image Recognition Groupings – By portrait, landscape, flowers, food etc. Example below
  • Image Recognition Search – you can search the 11 billion photos on Flickr

I have 9200 photos stored on Flickr. Below is the Image Recognition Software Group (partial group) on Water



Below is a video demonstrating the new search facilities of Flickr 4.0





3 Year Anniversary

3 years ago I started Cuenca Tech Life with the aim of writing about tech and life in Cuenca, Ecuador.

So what has changed in Cuenca in 3 years

  • Almost 3 times as many Expats
  • Cheaper, faster and better Internet Service
  • Activities galore (ie. iPad, Writers, Bridge, Poker, Crafts, Language). You name it and there is probably a group in Cuenca
  • The Tranvia is 25% complete

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Working In Cuenca

The video below features the music of Jorge Triano, a local entertainer in Cuenca. He plays often at different venues in Cuenca and is on Facebook.  I love many things about Cuenca and high on the list is the amazing work ethic of the citizens.  I also love the churches and the architecture.  Enjoy the video and Jorge’s music.

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