Google Inbox – Snooze Feature

OK CTL subscribers – raise your digital hand if you are using the Inbox version of Gmail which looks like this below:


Now, I see very few digital hands up. So I assume most of you are using the traditional form of Gmail.


It takes a little getting uses to but you should give the Inbox version of Gmail a chance especially if you are work better in a graphic environment.

The snooze feature allows you to send emails that you want to respond to later to a snooze folder for attention at a specific time and date.

More on the snooze feature at this well written link 




Gmail Inbox – Find Answers Faster

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. How many people worldwide use Gmail. Go to the head of he class if you were even close to 900 million. Here are some other interesting stats

  • 25% of of Americans use Gmail during working hours
  • 75% of Gmail users open their mail on a mobile device
  • 31 is the average age of a Gmail user (ouch)
  • 74 languages – Gmail supports
  • 99.9% uptime

If you use the Inbox version of Gmail – the search function became even more powerful. Go to the Gmail Blog for a full description



G-Mail Tip

I am a big fan of the Digital Inspiration Site 

Did you know that you get two google email addresses. The one everyone knows is … But, you automatically get another one which is … So the logical question is why would you need two google email addesses? Answer: to cut down on Spam and filter important emails.

The author of Digital Inspiration suggests giving the address to your important contacts and setting up a google email filter to store those emails into s special folder. Makes sense.



Gmail Size Search

A friend in Portland posted this great find in the Digital Inspiration Blog Basically it’s a slam dunk method of finding any email with an attachment over a certain number of bytes. I keep all my gmail going back to 2006. All you have to do is enter a file size number in bytes. For example this search size:10485760 returned all emails with attachments greater than 10 mb.  Chevere!