Amazon Prime Music

When Amazon first launched their Prime Service   the only advantage was free 2 day delivery on your ordered merchandise. With the addition of Amazon music your $99 yearly subscription gets you the expedited delivery plus access to their 30,000 + video streaming library, one free kindle book a month and now access to the Amazon Music Library.

My wife would describe me as a casual music listener so I find Amazon Music a really great addition. What seems to me is an unlimited treasure trove  of music to stream on my computer, iPad and Android Phone. Already I am overdosing on Johnny Cash, Spyra Gyra and Paul Simon. I have included two quick reviews below that describe some limitations on Amazon Music

There is a 30 day free trial for non Prime Users.  For Prime Users Amazon Music is a No Brainer.



Working In Cuenca

The video below features the music of Jorge Triano, a local entertainer in Cuenca. He plays often at different venues in Cuenca and is on Facebook.  I love many things about Cuenca and high on the list is the amazing work ethic of the citizens.  I also love the churches and the architecture.  Enjoy the video and Jorge’s music.

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