Online Friends Appear in Ecuador

I met Len Edgerly six years ago when I stumbled across his now famous website – The Kindle Chronicles. This is a must read/listen if you are a fan of ebooks in general and the Kindle specifically. TheKindleChronicles podcast comes out every Friday. Each Friday I look forward to Len’s topic and interesting guest.

We became friends on Facebook and Instagram, exchanging emails. Two weeks ago, I saw on Instagram that Len was in Quito. I contacted him and  Len changed travel plans so our online friendship became an “in person” friendship when he, his wife Darlene and sister-in-law Deb came to Cuenca.  My wife, Sharon, and I really enjoyed meeting them and “hanging out” for awhile.

Len interviewed me about my 4.5 years in Cuenca.  You can listen to the complete interview here.  Take 30 minutes and browse The Kindle Chronicles for other stories about Ecuador and become a subscriber and enjoy Len Edgerly’s tech expertise.


Lifelong Learning

The Irish poet Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” My goal is to learn one new item everyday. It could be a new Spanish word, a new place to explore in Ecuador or learn some new tech trick. Many of my new tech info comes from Podcasts and News Feeds. Below are 3 good ones to listen to.

What resources do you use to extend your lifelong learning?


Podcasts – Learning And Entertainment

I’ve never liked the term Podcasts or Blog. Both terms produce confused looks. I would say it’s an audio or video file that you can listen on your favorite mobile device (i.e. smartphone, iPad). But podcast is the accepted term so I will use it throughout the article.

Listening to podcasts are a significant part of my day both for entertainment and learning. I use a paid app called “Pocket Casts” that runs on my Android smartphone but it’s also available for the iPhone and iPad.  Everyday I listen to the following podcasts

  • Marketplace – Business
  • Marketplace Tech – Duh
  • Fresh Air – Terry Gross – Interviews with world personalities
  • Ted Radio Hour – Talks by Interesting people on business and tech

The following podcasts are on once a week and are mostly to keep on my tech knowledge.

  • iPad Today
  • Android App Addicts
  • The Podcast Report

What are your favorite podcasts?


These And That…

Once a month I’m going to briefly mention what I’m doing with these  devices (Macbook, iPad, Nexus 5).  That other part will be some interesting sites on the Internet.

  • iPad – Just installed IOS 8. As of this writing there is a problem with connecting your iPad via airplay to your Apple TV
  • Macbook – the new operation system (Yosemite) should be out by the end of the month
  • Nexus 5 – I am really enjoying the PacketCasts App.  I’m listening or watching the following podcasts everyday:
    • Marketplace
    • Fresh Air
    • Ted Radio Hour
    • Daily Show with Jon Steward
    • All About Android

If you need to know the latest happenings our Digital World I highly recommend these two sites

Any websites that you want to include on “These and That”?

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My Favorite Podcasts Part 3


This website/podcast is highly addictive. You will find yourself listening to more than one each time you visit. TED represents the best thinkers around the world. The talks are rarely over 15 minutes and most of them are under 10 minutes. Most of the speakers are poised professionals. The graphics are excellent and the topics are always first rate. Run, don’t walk and listen to your first TED TALK


My Favorite Podcasts Part One

Most of the people I know in Cuenca are retired and are always looking for new ways of learning. I have been a big advocate of Podcasts. What’s a podcast?  Simply stated a Podcast is A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

I watch my podcasts on my Apple TV but you can watch your podcast on your computer, smartphone or other digital device. In Part One of a four part series I highly recomment CNET’s Top 5 with Donald Bell.  The podcast is usually under 4 minutes and he discusses 5 technology choices.  This week’s episode is the Top Five Smartphone Cameras. 

Please comment in this post with your favorite podcast


Apple TV Updates

As many of you know I’m a big fan of Apple TV. I use it every day for news, tech updates, movies and TV programs.  As of 5/8 there has not been automatic updates on many of the podcasts(i.e. NBC, CBS News, TED Talks etc).  There been much discussion on the Apple Forums but as of 5/12/12 at 1:30 pm Quito Time nothing has been done.   My guess is our only alternative is to raise a stink with Apple and be patient.


photo (3)

Podcasts – Iphone & Ipad App

Apple has just released Podcasts via the APP Store  a free Podcasting APP  for their IOS devices.  Podcasting has always been a techy endeavor. You first had to download the podcast to your computer and then sync it over to your favorite IOS device.  The release of this APP makes the whole process simple.  Ars Technica summarizes the whole process here.

Now I can subscribe and listen to my favorite podcasts without involving Itunes or my computer. This is a “Run, don’t walk to APP”

Podcasts – Part Two

In Podcasts Part One I reviewed Podcasts that are produced by large companies or networks.  Podcasts Part Two is all about a Podcast by an individual.

Attention all Geeks. If you are not listening to Nosillacast then you are missing the premier podcast on all things Mac/Apple. Allison Sheridan is a Geek’s Geek yet she is very outgoing and extroverted. If you need help or just want to hang out with Apple Geeks then this is your kind of podcast.

She has a new show every Sunday night. The screenflow videdo below is a quick review of her podcast.