Why I Use My Smartphone More Than My Computer

The other day I was clearing the daily Smartphone apps in memory and I noticed that I had used 23 for that day. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • Kindle – presently reading “Target Churchill”
  • Moves – my personal pedometer
  • Amazon Cloud Drive – All my photos uploaded automatically
  • Duolingo – My Spanish learning course
  • Easy Taxi – Request a taxi any
  • GPS Test – Automatically tells me the elevation
  • PocketCasts- Listen to TV and Radio anywhere
  • Bridgebase- Play bridge with anyone instantly

I guess my favorite is “Google Now” App where I can verbally ask for anything like directions, conversions, facts etc. I also find myself dictating my emails which has a 95% accuracy rate on my phone.

Personally I find it easier to carry my computer in my pocket. This TED BLOG Link gives 25 apps that make your life easier



Public Photos

Pop quiz Cuenca Tech Life Readers. What do the following institutions have in common?

  • Library Of Congress
  • National Library Of Norway
  • Cornell University
  • George Eastman House
  • Finnish Museum Of Photography
  • State Library Of Queensland, Australia

Answer: The above institution photos have been archived on Flickr Commons

The key goal of The Commons is to share hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives.

Enjoy your explorations.



A Minute With Len

An ex-student of mine from the Brentwood Public Schools was perusing my Flickr collection of photos and she emailed me why she couldn’t find more pictures of me when I was teaching. I looked at my Flickr Photo Stream (9,161) photos and only found 47 pictures of me. Yikers, less than 1%.  So here’s a youtube 1 minute video and I need to be more vigilant taking photos of me.

lenny wall art

This And That – Dec. 2014

Do you want a great 5 inch smartphone for under $200 Today Amazon is offering the Moto X for $180. You can see the review at Gizmodo here


What are the most searched news items on Yahoo for 2014. It wasn’t a surprise that “Ebola” was #1. “Obamacare came in at #10. Find the web site here 


Attention all Video Editing devotees. Biz Sugar just posted 15 tools to edit your next video. Most of them are fee and web based. Worth a look. The site is here 




3 Great Shopping Apps

I think this post will be more advantageous to my readers who live in the U.S. Neverthelesss, the apps will help anyone that is shopping and having their items muled down to Ecuador. I found these 3 apps on the Android App Arena but they also run on the iPhone/iPad Platform.

  • Mokriya Craigslist
  • Slick Deals
  • Slice

My favorite is the Mokriya Craigslist app. You an see a great video review about these Apps on Android App Arena