The 7 Best Things You Can Do With An Amazon Echo

This past Saturday my wife and I entertained several South Americans. For once we were the minority at the dinner table. Quite frankly it made me speak more Spanish, which I should be doing more of. Several of our guests tried to use our Echo with limited success. I don’t think it was there accent but rather the syntax in asking questions. Overall it was pretty frustrating for them.

Totally reliable voice recognition is still a ways off. My experience with the Amazon Echo continues to be pleasant and more productive. Below is a link for Echo users


7 Best Uses Of The Amazon Echo




Hound – Say It, Get It

Move over “Siri”, “Ok Google”, there’s a new sheriff in town and the name is “Hound”, from the folks who bring you Sound Hound, the song identifying app.

“Hound” only runs on Android right now so my IOS friends will have to be patient. It’s also in Beta so you have to wait for an invite. But, the wait is worth it. I’m a big fan of voice command/recognition software. I would rather  say something  then type it on a small keyboard. In my preliminary testing “Hound”was better than Siri and OK Google.  Here were some of the voice commands I gave “Hound” during my testing.

  • How many Colombian pesos in a dollar
  • Show me the best and closest Chinese Restaurants to my location
  • Start a 3 minute timer.
  • How long of a drive from Portland to Medford Oregon
  • What is the physical address of my friend Kevin

Hound shined in all the tests.  To see a video and sign up for the invite of hound click here




Alternative Search Engines – Qwiki

Google is a great search engine. I use Google 85% of the time. But, sometimes I need to digest the information in a different way. Qwiki is a search engine that combines both audio and video into digestible nuggets of Knowledge. Plus Qwiki also suggests similar topics from your first entered search term. Below is a screenflow video of Qwiki.