my heart lives in two places – more

my heart lives in two places – more

A must read for anyone considering expatriating

Cuenca Quilt Guilt

I wrote a few weeks ago about the interesting split I feel after choosing to leave my country of birth (the USA) for an exciting, new experience in my retirement years in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Well, I have a few more thoughts to share. My husband and I launched ourselves on an incredible cultural journey about 3 years ago. We live permanently in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We visit the US every 6 – 12 months to see family and friends.  We also stock up on a few things important to us that are not available in Ecuador.  What, you ask?  Things like all cotton quilting fabric, gluten-free products, new hi tech products, good socks, yeah, just little stuff important in our daily lives.

I continue to feel strongly supportive of the US, although I am very disillusioned to the point of desperation about the intractable problems with things like:  how to get…

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Flickr – Best Deal For Photo Storage

It’s not a secret that I think Flickr is a great deal. You can now get a free account with 1 TB of free storage. That’s over 1/2 million 6 mp photos. I use Flickr to backup up my photos on my computer as well as archive shots. I’ve been a Pro Member (unlimited storage) since 2004 and for $2 a month I get some other nice tools that you don’t receive in your free account.

This article in Life Hacker demonstrates some great Flickr Tools


A nice bonus to Flickr is if you so choose to make your photos public you can start developing online followers. The following two photos below are from two talented photographers I follow.



Amazon Fire TV – New Streaming Box

Amazon is entering the Streaming Movie/TV Market that is dominated by Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. I have the Roku and Apple TV with a personal recommendation edge to the Roku Box for more selection and faster streaming. I just might buy the new box from Amazon because the bandwidth is not as dependable in Ecuador and the review seems to suggest that Amazon media is cached in the 2 gb of memory.

Good review by CNET