33 Amazingly Useful Websites

Pop Quiz Cuenca Tech Life subscribers. Is it a slow news day in your part of the world? Is it raining outside? Well if the answer is “yes” to either  one of the two previous questions then “run, don’t walk to the link below and peruse the findings. There are a few good ones in the list

33 Amazingly Useful Websites



my heart lives in two places – more

my heart lives in two places – more

A must read for anyone considering expatriating

Cuenca Quilt Guilt

I wrote a few weeks ago about the interesting split I feel after choosing to leave my country of birth (the USA) for an exciting, new experience in my retirement years in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Well, I have a few more thoughts to share. My husband and I launched ourselves on an incredible cultural journey about 3 years ago. We live permanently in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We visit the US every 6 – 12 months to see family and friends.  We also stock up on a few things important to us that are not available in Ecuador.  What, you ask?  Things like all cotton quilting fabric, gluten-free products, new hi tech products, good socks, yeah, just little stuff important in our daily lives.

I continue to feel strongly supportive of the US, although I am very disillusioned to the point of desperation about the intractable problems with things like:  how to get…

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Flickr – Best Deal For Photo Storage

It’s not a secret that I think Flickr is a great deal. You can now get a free account with 1 TB of free storage. That’s over 1/2 million 6 mp photos. I use Flickr to backup up my photos on my computer as well as archive shots. I’ve been a Pro Member (unlimited storage) since 2004 and for $2 a month I get some other nice tools that you don’t receive in your free account.

This article in Life Hacker demonstrates some great Flickr Tools


A nice bonus to Flickr is if you so choose to make your photos public you can start developing online followers. The following two photos below are from two talented photographers I follow.



Amazon Fire TV – New Streaming Box

Amazon is entering the Streaming Movie/TV Market that is dominated by Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. I have the Roku and Apple TV with a personal recommendation edge to the Roku Box for more selection and faster streaming. I just might buy the new box from Amazon because the bandwidth is not as dependable in Ecuador and the review seems to suggest that Amazon media is cached in the 2 gb of memory.

Good review by CNET