You have 10 seconds to find a photo of your dog on a beach in 2008

Can you do it? If you have your Smartphone and your Flickr app than you probably can accomplish that request.  I average about 200 photos shot on my smartphone a month. Now that I have no limits on storage I sometimes edit a photo and keep 5 versions of that photo.

Google will soon announce that you will have unlimited free storage ( in your original format ) for all your photos and videos. Amazon Prime Photo already offers unlimited storage for your photos.

I’m old enough to remember shooting photos on a film camera. Storing the prints in a shoebox and then never able to retrieve a photo that was more than 3 years old.

Run, don’t walk and get one of the 3 unlimited photo storage program/apps.

  • Flickr – 1 tb (500,000 photos) free
  • Google Photos – unlimited storage free
  • Amazon Prime Photos – unlimited storage ( $99 per year but includes other valuable services)

Oregon Flowers 2001

Oregon Flowers 2007

Cockatoo 2003

Cockatoo 2003

Sherwood Oregon 2006

sherwood fall 206

Olivia at Rockaway Beach 2004

Minolta DSC

Where Do You Store Your Most Popular Photos Of Ecuador

Not only do I use Flickr to store virtually unlimited  photos, but I can with 2 clicks of a mouse recall my most viewed photos in my collection and share them with individuals or groups.

The video below shows how I can recall a group of highly viewed photos.



Flickr Revisited

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. Where can you upload 1 TB of photos and videos and find a photo or album in less than a second. Answer: Flickr

The other day a friend asked me about a Moluccan Cockatoo. Not only was I able to provide him with photos and videos of our former bird. I was also able to connect him to discussion groups on Cockatoos. You can use Flickr for photo storage or photo appreciation but for the most cost effective way of finding your photos on any device then Flickr is your Go To Service

There is a free advertised supported version of Flickr. I have been a pro version subscriber since 2004 and I have 9000+ photos and videos stored. My annual subscription is $24. Below are some photos that have more than 500 views over the last 10 years.

2260485967_c77614eac3_z 8630139_a1661f68ef_z 585414279_b8736a6978_z 11623291043_8afe45cfcc_z


The Cloud Revisited

My wife and I returned from the U.S last week and I was able to travel to Oregon, Idaho and California without a computer thanks to the cloud. I could receive my email via the Google Cloud. I could retrieve my photos via the Yahoo Cloud, I could read my books via the Amazon Cloud and finally hear all of my music via the Apple Cloud.

Two years ago I advised new purchasers of computers, tablets and smartphones to buy as much memory as they could afford. Today, with the advent of free cloud services I tell people to buy the minimum memory configuration.

The following are the free storage available to any user.

  • iCloud (Apple) 5 gb
  • Google Mail And Drive 15 GB
  • Youtube – Virtually unlimted videos uploads
  • Flickr (Yahoo) a whopping 1 TB  (1000 GB ) of photo storage

There are other services like Dropbox, Pogoplub, Box etc that also offer free gigs of storage.

This blog is being stored on the WordPress Cloud.

Bottom line – take advantage of the many free, safe and reliable cloud storage systems to streamline your life.


Flickr – Best Deal For Photo Storage

It’s not a secret that I think Flickr is a great deal. You can now get a free account with 1 TB of free storage. That’s over 1/2 million 6 mp photos. I use Flickr to backup up my photos on my computer as well as archive shots. I’ve been a Pro Member (unlimited storage) since 2004 and for $2 a month I get some other nice tools that you don’t receive in your free account.

This article in Life Hacker demonstrates some great Flickr Tools


A nice bonus to Flickr is if you so choose to make your photos public you can start developing online followers. The following two photos below are from two talented photographers I follow.



The Cloud

Everything you ever wanted to know about “The Cloud” will be discussed at this week’s iPad Users Group Meeting . We will also have a guest speaker who is the first Cuenca expat Ipad developer speak about the process..

When: Thurs. Dec. 6th

Time: 11:00 am
Where: Los Alamos y 3 de Noviembre
Cost: $5 which includes coffee and cake
Agenda: Everything You Wanted To Know About The iPad and The Cloud.  Also guest talk by Cuenca’s first expat app developer.
Screenshot 12:3:12 5:46 PM