Gmail Inbox – Find Answers Faster

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. How many people worldwide use Gmail. Go to the head of he class if you were even close to 900 million. Here are some other interesting stats

  • 25% of of Americans use Gmail during working hours
  • 75% of Gmail users open their mail on a mobile device
  • 31 is the average age of a Gmail user (ouch)
  • 74 languages – Gmail supports
  • 99.9% uptime

If you use the Inbox version of Gmail – the search function became even more powerful. Go to the Gmail Blog for a full description



Weather On Your Smartphone

How quickly can you find the weather on your Android Smartphone. If you’re connected to WiFi or have a data plan all you have to do is say “Ok Google” and then something like “Will It Rain Today”?.

I created a short youtube movie to show you how it’s done

ok g weather


8K Video?

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers.  Two part question

  1. Do you know what 8K Video is?
  2. Can your computer play 8K videos from YouTube?

According to Wikipidia:  8K resolution or 8K UHD is the current highest ultra high definition television (UHDTV) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography. 8K refers to the horizontal resolution in the order of 8,000 pixels, forming the total image dimensions of (7680×4320)

Now everyone enjoys a beautiful video picture but you first have to have the TV, computer or tablet/smartphone capable of viewing this image and all of us at this point don’t have the devices or the computer power to view this.

We can dream.

For giggles try running this YouTube Video on your computer


January Smartphone Photo And Video Course

Are you satisfied with the photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet? Join 5 other enlightened Cuenca students on 1/25/16 and learn the following

  • Become better acquainted with your equipment
  • Learn how to better frame your photos.
  • Practice basic editing techniques
  • Shoot and edit basic video
  • Gain understanding of different presentation methods
  • Create and share  your presentation in class
  • Acquire info to store your presentations safely in the Cloud

When: Jan. 25, 2016

Where: Los Alamos 3-66 y 3 de Noviembre

Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Cost: $40

Course limited to 6 students

You will need a fully charged smart phone or Table for this course. Your equipment must be running the latest or near the latest operating system.

  • iPhone, iPad – IOS 8 or better
  • Android – Lollipop or Marshmallow

More info: /099 122 1238



New Year – Old Things Disappear

Last night, the batteries for my T.V. remote control died. I had no replacements in the house. I quickly realized that I could control my T.V., Roku and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices with my Nexus 6 Smartphone.

I started thinking what other parts of my life would be disappearing.

Checks– I haven’t written a physical check in over a year. Everything is paid for by cash, debit card or online payment

CD, DVD USB Sticks– My Macbook does not even contain an optical drive and I rarely purchase a DVD since most of my media is consumed via a streaming service (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video)

Books (Physical)  Ok. this is a sad one since I enjoy browsing in Book Stores. But, the truth is that everything I read is on a Kindle or in one of the cloud services.

TechCrunch has a powerful article on what they think will be gone in 5 years. You can find the article here

What do you think will be gone?