Friends In Foreign Places

Yesterday Sharon and I had the privilege of attending the launch party of the Kindle Anthology – Friends In Foreign Places. All the proceeds for this book go to the Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund.  Sharon and I have stories in the 5 volume anthology.

  • Sharon: “I Never Met A Stranger”
  • Lenny: “My Teacher, My Friend”

So for $5.99 you get to help the Earthquake victims and read 36 great short stories. Such a deal.

Here is the link to purchase the book.


Even Geeks Need To Wash Dishes

O.K. here is the confession. I would rather have root canal than do a sink full of dishes. That has changed since my wife made me this great birthday present. As you can see from the picture below its a very masculine apron.  Now washing the dishes is no longer a chore.

Sharon is using some interesting techniques to make these aprons. Each apron is 100% cotton and washable and is one of kind and signed by the artist. $20 an apron gets you empowered for dishwashing.

sharon apron lenny apron pepper apron

4 Years In Cuenca

Time flies when you’re having fun. 4 years ago Sharon, Fiesty our cat and 8 pieces of luggage left Portland Oregon for the adventure of a lifetime. Fiesty has gone on to better times and Sharon and I are happier than ever. So what has changed generally and tech specifically in Cuenca.

  • more people are moving here – my guess is that the expat number is close to 5000
  • more people are moving back to their original location – my guess primarily is that they did not adapt to the culture
  • the new light rail (Tren de la cuatro rios) is on schedule to begin operations in Aug. 2016
  • unfortunately the buses still spew diesel fumes all over the city
  • larger selections of good restaurants in Cuenca
  • still very affordable to live here – inflation is under 4%
  • Internet service is cheaper, faster and more reliable
  • taxis have meter and there is more traffic due mostly to the light rail construction
  • More choices to stream quality tv and movies (Sling, Amazon Prime, HBO Now)
  • More Poker and Contract Bridge Games available

Todos Santos


Our Cuenca Anniversary comes four days before my wife’s birthday.  Feliz Cumpleaños mi amor.


Cuenca Quilt Guilt

I want to recommend Cuenca Quilt Guilt a new blog by Sharon McIntosh.  Full disclosure – Sharon is my wife but even if she wasn’t I would still recommend reading her blog.  She is a prolific writer and I’m sure you will like her experience living in Cuenca and her search for gluten free products as well as her knowledge of quilting.