Qwiki.com – Part Two – Step By Step

It takes a little practice to get the narration timing to match the graphics and the photos. I’m still having problem with the exact map locations.

I think this is a dynamic way to learn about topics and market a product.  In this one minute video I discuss the location and contents of Runa Maki my friend’s tienda in Cuenca. The screenflow video below shows a step by step process of how I created the Qwiki video.

Qwiki.com – Creating A Web Video Part One

Presenting web information has radically changed with the introduction of Qwiki.com. This is the second revision of this web site. Before you just searched for information. Now you can create your own qwiki using maps, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, Text and Photos.  In Part Two I’ll show you some of the pizzazz of Qwikie but for now I’ll show you my first attempt at this unique and interesting platform.

Play the Qwiki: Cuenca Tech Life (Part One)

Podcasts – Iphone & Ipad App

Apple has just released Podcasts via the APP Store  a free Podcasting APP  for their IOS devices.  Podcasting has always been a techy endeavor. You first had to download the podcast to your computer and then sync it over to your favorite IOS device.  The release of this APP makes the whole process simple.  Ars Technica summarizes the whole process here.

Now I can subscribe and listen to my favorite podcasts without involving Itunes or my computer. This is a “Run, don’t walk to APP”

Gualaceo Y Chordeleg

On Saturday Estefe and her sister-in-law Maria Luise led a tour with 8 other expats to Gualaceo and Chordeleg.  The highlight of the trip was touring the orchid gardens and the Jewelry workshop of Gilberto.  We stopped of at the Mercado in Chordeleg for fresh pulled pork.  Great trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Teatro Incorrecto

Sometimes in life you take a wrong turn and get lost and sometimes you find a treasure.  Last night Sharon and I were rushing to the free Cuenca Symphony Performance at the Teatro Sucre y Luis Cordero.  Even though we have lived here over a year we found ourselves in the Teatro Cultura on Luis Cordero.  I was shocked when the normally free concert was $10 apiece.  But, shock turned to joy when we found ourselves being entertained by Altiplano, an outstanding Chilean band. Both Sharon and I lost count at 30 instruments but each of the 5 players played at least 4 different instruments and the lead entertainer played at least 10 different instruments.  A wonderful evening of beautiful Andean music.

Of course live music always sounds better  but the video below is a good sampling of the great music that evening.

Netflix – Great Entertainment

When I lived in Oregon I had a Netflix subscription before they developed the streaming service. Netflix was introduced to Latin America at the end of 2011.  I use Netflix with my IPad, MacBook Air, and Apple TV.  There is only one flavor in Ecuador.  It’s $7.99 per month.  There are no first run movies but hundreds of choices in different genres and TV programs.

The best part is using Netflix through Apple TV.  The movie instantly starts.  Much better than ordering a movie from Itunes where there is a 20- 30 minute wait while the movie stream buffers.  Here is an offer that is valid as of today. If you don’t have a Netflix account then go to this url — netflix.com/twit and get a free month.  Below is a 30 second video of my Apple TV Netflix experience.