Sharing Photos Using Dropbox

The biggest problem sharing photos is how to send large capacity files to multiple friend who may have different email accounts limiting the size of the attached file (photo).

A great solution to this problem is letting your friends download the files through a cloud service called Dropbox.  In the video below I show how to invite friends to your dropbox account to view your photos.

News 360

Attention all News Junkies – News 360 is Information Nirvana.  If you are unsatisfied with the news searching results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing then this is a “run, don’t walk to site.

News 360 allows you to customize, save and share all your news interestes. It works great on either your computer Ipad, IPhone or IPod.

The screenflow video below show how easy it is to customize your news inquiries.

Dropbox – Part Two

In Dropbox Part One  I introduced Dropbox as one of my favorite cloud services to store and share photos, videos and generally large files.

In the Screenflow video below I demonstrate how to move pictures from your photo program and then how to send out a notice to friends that the folder can now be viewed by them.


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