Get The Best Price While Shopping Online

Shopping Online for Tech Gadgets is even more important living in Cuenca then when I lived in the U.S. Why? Electronics here, if you can find them are usually 30% higher than in the U.S. Usually I have the electronics shipped to a friend or relative in the US. and I pick it up on my next trip or a friend will mule it in for me.

Donald Bell from CNET tells how to navigate the Online maze to get the very best price at the right time and most likely avoid the shipping charge.

CNET_How_To_-_Get_the_best_price_while_shopping_online_-_YouTube – Part Two – Step By Step

It takes a little practice to get the narration timing to match the graphics and the photos. I’m still having problem with the exact map locations.

I think this is a dynamic way to learn about topics and market a product.  In this one minute video I discuss the location and contents of Runa Maki my friend’s tienda in Cuenca. The screenflow video below shows a step by step process of how I created the Qwiki video.

Gualaceo Y Chordeleg

On Saturday Estefe and her sister-in-law Maria Luise led a tour with 8 other expats to Gualaceo and Chordeleg.  The highlight of the trip was touring the orchid gardens and the Jewelry workshop of Gilberto.  We stopped of at the Mercado in Chordeleg for fresh pulled pork.  Great trip.

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The South Side Of Cuenca

Cuenca has several malls but the biggest is Mall Del Rio.  It’s about 3/4 of a mile from my condo and I thought those contemplating a move to Cuenca would be interested in the scenery.

Cuenca has 4 rivers the two big ones are the Tomebamba and the Yanuncay. On the way to the mall there’s a small bridge that goes over the Tarqui River.