What Happens Online In 60 seconds (2017)

It’s hard for even a geek to wrap his head around these numbers but here are just a few

  • 29 million whats app messages
  • 66 thousand images uploaded on Instagram
  • 3.3 million facebook posts
  • 3.8 million google searches
  • 500 hours of video uploaded to Youtube

Here is the website (updating numbers website I retrieved the information

Active Social Media Users 2016

CBS Sunday Morning was doing a piece on Social Media Users and the graphic below popped up. They were discussing the vitriol of Twitter Trolls. I found the graphic interesting and did not know that QQ was a Chinese messaging service.

Personally, I use Facebook, FB Messenger, Whatsapp and Istagram.  I have a Twitter account but rarely use it. What about you?

social media

ICurrent – News Aggregator

Attention all information geeks.  Are you unsatisfied with Google News? ICurrent gives you the ability to create your own newspaper. You pick the topic that interests you and ICurrent creates a customized channel. It gets smarter as you  tell ICurrent if you are interested in the news article. Definitely worth a long look.


Topsy.com is one of the best kept secrets on the Internet.  Hey information geeks this is your go to search engine for tweets, links, photos and video. Plus you get the added benefit of finding experts on any subject you desire.

In the screenflow video below I show how to use this powerful user interface.  This is another run, don’t walk to site.