Flashback Friday August 2012

Cuenca is a walking city. Many expats and Cuencanos don’t own cars and rely on public transportation or walking to traverse the city. The video below is now 5 years old but still gives a sense of the many walking spots in the city. Can you guess what hotel is in the construction phase.

Walking In Cuenca

Cuenca is definitely a walking city. Many Cuencanos and Expats don’t have cars and rely on walking to their destinations. The video below was taken 4 years ago and it show some of the scenes that I encounter on my daily promenade. I walk about 1000 miles a year.


How Far Do You Walk In A Week?

For me the answer this week is 27.3 miles. The reason I know how many steps I take each day is the free app on my Nexus 5 phone called “Moves”(also available on the iPhone). Moves gives me the time, number of steps, miles(or km) and a map of my walk. It  even tells me when I set a new record. It tallies each day. For the past 6 months I have been averaging 24 miles a month so this month was higher than my average.

Moves also connects seamlessly with other fitness apps. You can also share your results with social networks and email. Run, don’t walk and get the “Moves” App.


Moves – An iPhone Exercise App

No need for a Nike Fuelband or Fidbit.  I have been using Moves (Free App)  on my Iphone for a week and I’m delighted with the results.

Moves works in the background when it is in your pocket. It does this by acting as a pedometer. The app logs walking and running activity — and it’s also apparently smart enough to recognize when you’re cycling.  Moves also automatically keeps track of your location and puts together a list indicating where you’ve been and how much exercise you’ve managed each day. It does all this while running in the background, so you won’t need to open the app every time you’re about to head out for a walk or run.

Moves tracks steps, miles or kilometers, time walking and gives a summary each day. You can share your results via email, facebook or twitter.  One of my top 3 apps