Tools For Bloggers

I know that many of my followers are fellow bloggers so today I thought I would share a tip that I received from the Hubspot Marketing Blog.

The Ultimate List Of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. Try saying that 5 times fast :-). It’s pretty techy but worth a look if you want to grow your readership.


Instapaper Daily

I’m a big fan of InstaPaper.  I use it mostly on my iPhone an iPad but is also available for your computer and android device. Simply stated you can click on a web or app article and read it later when you’re offline (not connected to the Internet)

Instapaper Daily is the best saved article(according to the editors). It is nicely arranged with tabs (All, Business, Health, Technology etc) to aid you in finding the article you are most interested in.  A must have web site.


Computer Workshops In Cuenca And Online

Later this month I plan to offer some 3 hour computer workshops in Cuenca.  I have previously delivered these courses in person and online in the U.S. Please take a moment and complete the poll. Feel free to make comments about any other courses that you are interested in. Of course feel free to email me at  Thanks for your participation.