Favorite Flickr Fotos April 2018

Flickr.com is my Goto application for storage and community. I have been a member for 14 years and have made friends around the world. I believe the power of Flickr is the community.  Below is a 1 minute video of some of my photos but more importantly it reflects the choices of my flickr friends.


Oregon To Ecuador

On New Year’s Day I was browsing through my Flickr collection of photos (16,000 since 2004) and I came across some Oregon shots I wanted to print. 2 hours later I created a short Youtube video on some of my favorite Oregon and Ecuador photos.  Enjoy!

My Prisma Addiction

Prisma runs on both IOS and Android and for the last 4 days I have spent about 30 hours messing with the app. Do not even think of downloading the app if you have an important deadline due. But, if you have some free time and want to be creative then run, don’t walk to Prisma and download the app.

I created a youtube video below to show the transformation from original to the prisma effect. Enjoy.

todos santos prisma


Using Google Mail Filters

About a week ago late at night without reading the fine print I signed up for Zorpia.com.  Even geeks make stupid mistakes. Zorpia grabbed my google address book and started sending out invitations to the complete list. Bottom line, its been a source of aggravation and explaining  to people not to sign up for this service and to assign those messages to spam. But Zorpia is insidious and they send out message with the name “Lenny” which is really the email “transaction@zorpia.com.

The video below explains how to rid yourself of zorpia messages forever.

Sharing Photos Using Dropbox

The biggest problem sharing photos is how to send large capacity files to multiple friend who may have different email accounts limiting the size of the attached file (photo).

A great solution to this problem is letting your friends download the files through a cloud service called Dropbox.  In the video below I show how to invite friends to your dropbox account to view your photos.