The Complete Lis Of “Ok Google” Commands

I’m a big fan of using “Ok Google” which is a voice activated command to instruct your Android Phone or Table to execute a command. It also works on iPhones and iPads using the Google App.

Last year in August I reviewed some Google Now Commands   On average, I use “OK Google 6 times a day.  Here are some of my typical Google Now Commands in the last day

  • What time is the next NBA Finals Game
  • Show me my last 10 messages
  • Call my wife
  • Create a calendar event
  • How do you say “sometimes” in Spanish
  • How far is it from my house to Cuenca Sunrise Cafe

You can see the complete list of commands here





Google Now Voice Commands

This morning I had an interesting conversation with my tech savvy neighbor. She owns a Google Nexus 5 Smartphone but was unaware of the voice commands that save time and key strokes.

Android phone users can initiate the voice command “Ok Google” and have their phone initiate the following:

  • General Searches (find chicken recipes)
  • Who invented (the telegraph)
  • Post to (twitter, facebook)
  • Open an app
  • Note to self
  • Take a photo
  • Call a contact
  • Create an appointment
  • Show me a nearby Swiss Restaurant in Cuenca
  • Flight status of (AA #1120)

Drippler has an extensive list of Goole Now voice commands here

What are your favorite Google Now Voice commands?


Google Now

“According to Google, the company is now adding support for 40 new apps within Google Now. As of yesterday, your Android phone or tablet will now be subject to an information overload of sorts.”

Actually, I find it refreshing. About twice a day I slide my Nexus 5 phone screen to the right and I get updated information on subjects germane to me. For example. The following appeared today.

  • Current temperature in Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Video highlights of the Superbowl
  • Updated Stock prices
  • What’s streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime in February
  • What’s wrong with the Portland Trailblazers

You can see the complete complete list of the apps in this article




Do You Have A Personal Assistant?

Today I was walking on Remegio Crespo when a couple asked me if I knew my way around. They asked me where La Fornace Restaurant was located. They were tourists from Idaho and we quickly found a common ground since my wife is from Idaho. I told them that the Restaurant was about 3/4 mile away but that I thought they could get a better meal at Tutto Matto. I didn’t know if the Restaurant was open so I took out my Nexus 5 and said “OK Google” (The Android Personal Assistant). I then asked the personal assistant if the Restaurant was open. It took me to Tutto Matto’s Facebook Page and we all found out that the Restaurant was closed on Monday. “Wow” was the reply of the tourists. Google Now works in Ecuador- unfortunately Siri the personal assistant on the iPhone does not work with the maps section of Ecuador.

Siri does work very well with commands like setting alarms, sending texts, finding songs etc. I find that Google Now works much better with informational items like “What is the name of the Secretary of State Of the U.S.”

Cortana is the name of the Personal Assistant on the Windows Phone but I have  no personal experience against Siri or Google Now.

A lot depends on the noise level of the street when using your Personal Assistant but I find Google Now invaluable in a quiet setting when I need instant information.

You can see a  CNET Video of Sir and Google Now compared here