My New Smartphone

Pop Quiz CTL Subscribers- What Smartphone has a 6 inch Amoled Quad HD display , 3 gb of Ram, 4K video, 13 mp camera and is less than $300. If you said a Nexus 6 then go to the head of the class.

Google will be announcing their new phones on Sept. 29th and I took advantage of a great sales on Amazon. I paid a little more for the 64 gb version but you can buy the 32 gb ver. on Ebay for $299.

It’s no secret that I believe smartphones will replace computers shortly and right now my Nexus 6 does obvious tasks that my Macbook can’t do when I am mobile. I am slowly getting used to the bigger size but it is great on the eyes and lightning fast. Below are some shots I took this weekend.

allison sharon apron

joven Rio tome


Amazon Prime $67 – Sept 25th (24 hours)

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime. I’m a bigger fan living in Ecuador and here is why.

  • Most expats depend on streaming TV services and Amazon Prime is one of the best with award winning original TV series like Transparent
  • Prime video offers thousands of videos and tv programs including almost all of the HBO first season series
  • Amazon Photo- I take a photo on my smartphone or iPad and it is automatically uploaded to Amazon Photo which offers unlimited storage.
  • Amazon Music- thousands of songs and albums for instant streaming when you have a wifi connection.
  • Two day free shipping on most products purchased from Amazon. Although they don’t ship to Ecuador I always have a friend I can ship to so when they are in the United States they can bring it back to me.
  • Kindle Lending Library.  One Kindle book free each month.

Now for less than $5.60 a month you can have a great service.

Sale starts at midnight 9/25 for 24 hours.  Only open to new members (Damn)


2015 Amazon Fire Tablet – $50

Competition is good for the consumer. Amazon just made it super affordable to buy a powerful tablet. Last year I purchased a 16 Gb iPad Mini with retina screen for $300.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime Member ($99 per year) with these benefits then purchasing this tablet for portability or backup in case your other device breaks is a no brainer.

  • Unlimited Photo/Video Storage
  • Extensive Streaming Movie & TV selection
  • Amazon Music
  • Kindle Lending Library

The tablet is available for immediate ordering on Amazon and is shipping Oct 1st.




Who Wants Free Unlimited Photo Storage?

A wise person once said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. That’s probably right but if you want to put up with Google’s tracking then you can use Google Photos for unlimited Cloud storage.

I actually use 3 services. I pay $24 a year for an unlimited Flickr Account and part of my Amazon Prime account provides me with unlimited photo storage. But, if you have google mail then you should be taking advantage of unlimited free photo storage. Every time I take a picture on my Nexus 5 smartphone the photo is automatically uploaded to Google photos for storage and editing.

How To Geek just posted a very informative article on unlimited photo storage