Internet Speed And Wifi Update

I just returned from the U.S. and brought back a Diamond Wireless Range Extender.  The problem I was having before the WiFi Extender installation was that I was dropping my wifi signal between floors in the house and on opposite ends of the house where the signal had to travel between room with adobe walls.

I am happy to report that the installation went flawless and my signal strength 60 ft from the router is 90% as fast as if  I was in the same room as the router. The extender was $60


Gmail Size Search

A friend in Portland posted this great find in the Digital Inspiration Blog Basically it’s a slam dunk method of finding any email with an attachment over a certain number of bytes. I keep all my gmail going back to 2006. All you have to do is enter a file size number in bytes. For example this search size:10485760 returned all emails with attachments greater than 10 mb.  Chevere!