Favorite Cuenca Street Photos

Part of the joy living in a 460 year old colonial city is the buildings and the time of the day the sun illuminates those buildings. I always have my Nexus 6 Smartphone with me. Below are the same church shot.  The first one is unedited and the second I used Snapseed, a photo editing app available for both Android and IOS to remove the power lines.

I then added some more shots to Google Photos to create a short movie. Enjoy.

power line photo church

without power line church

Smartphone Photo And Editing Course – May 9, 2016

Are you fumbling with your Smartphone Camera and you missed a great photo. On May 9th you will learn how to better use your camera and create fantastic movies. The course information is here. The class is limited to six students.

The picture below was captured on my Nexus 6 and edited with Google Photos. The movie was created from past smartphone photos.

Dos Campasinas

Nexus 6 Smartphone 64 gb On Sale

Very limited sale on the Nexus 6 Smartphone 64 gb. It’s selling for $299. I purchased mine on sale 3 months ago for $399 and I thought I got a deal because the original price was $699. Run, don’t walk to Amazon.com

Best smartphone I have owned. The only down side is that it is a phablet. 6 inch phone and on the heavy side. I love the camera and speed.

sm and me


Google Photos App Part One

The Google Photos App just received a major upgrade. The App runs on both Android and IOS. The Android version is extremely easy to use and after taking a picture there are6 steps to edit.

  • Crop including an angle version
  • Auto Adjust
  • Light Adjustment
  • Color
  • Pop
  • Vignette

You can use all, some or none of the edits. After the edit you can save the photo and then share to popular sites like

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Email

Or you share the photo to another editing app. Below is a a movie of a collection of Google Photos Edited samples


My New Smartphone

Pop Quiz CTL Subscribers- What Smartphone has a 6 inch Amoled Quad HD display , 3 gb of Ram, 4K video, 13 mp camera and is less than $300. If you said a Nexus 6 then go to the head of the class.

Google will be announcing their new phones on Sept. 29th and I took advantage of a great sales on Amazon. I paid a little more for the 64 gb version but you can buy the 32 gb ver. on Ebay for $299.

It’s no secret that I believe smartphones will replace computers shortly and right now my Nexus 6 does obvious tasks that my Macbook can’t do when I am mobile. I am slowly getting used to the bigger size but it is great on the eyes and lightning fast. Below are some shots I took this weekend.

allison sharon apron

joven Rio tome