Amcry Swiss Restaurant

Full disclosure.  I help the owners of Amcry with their videos and web site. But, even if I didn’t I would recommend a trip to the Restaurant.  It’s the only place in Cuenca, Ecuador where you can eat authentic Swiss Food. The owners (Judy and Beda) are exceptional hosts and the service and food are exceptional.

There are over 20 new menu items including several new cocktails. Tell them you saw this post on their web site and receive a free glass of wine with your dinner or lunch. 


Amcry Swiss Restaurant

Spaghetti Al Pesto Grandmother's Swiss Toast

Are Your Photos Safe?

Pop Quiz Cuenca Tech Life viewers.  What would happen if you lost your camera, computer, and digital storage cards?  Do you have a digital backup of your most precious photos?  Most people will say I think I backed it up to a cloud service or I made a CD/DVD copy.

On June 26th I will  show you how to edit, backup, and organize your digital photographs so you can easily retrieve, email or print them on demand.  I will be using Flickr’s improved service that provides 1 Terabyte of data – Enough storage for over 500,000 photos. See this link for details

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VPN: Tools For Better Movie & Television Viewing

At the June 20th iPad Users Group Meeting we will be reviewing VPN solutions for your computer and mobile(iPad, iPhone) needs.  Although we will concentrate on the Apple Brand all the products will also work on Windows Machines.  We will review both subscription and free services.

There are many benefits of VPN’s but the meeting will focus on being able to connect to Movie and TV sites that without a VPN would be inaccessible.  Stay tuned for more information. Reserve your seat now because the capacity for the meeting is 12 people.

Image 6-8-13 at 5.13 PM Image 6-8-13 at 5.01 PM