Free WiFi In Cuenca

I transferred this post from the defunct Cuenca Daily News Blog.   Please feel free to email me at with your suggestion.  Only include places that are free.  I’ll start and update this list as I receive your emails. I’m also going to make a map.

  • Banana’s Cafe – Calle Larga y Benigno Malo
  • California Kitchen – Luis Cordero y Honorato Vasquez
  • Coffee Tree – Calle Larga y Borrero
  • Windhorse Cafe – Calle Larga y Hermano Miquel
  • Cafe Austria – Juan Jaramillo y Benigno Malo
  • Don Colon – Mariano Cueva 9-42 y Simon Bolivar
  • Inca Lounge – Avenida Tres de Noviembre y El Puente Centenario
  • San Sebas Cafe – 1-94 San Sebastian y Mariscal Sucre
  • Milenium Plaza, third floor, above Banco Pichincha
  • ItalDeli on Alfonso Moreno Mora (2nd floor).
  • Food court Mall del Rio
  • Free Etapa connection at the corner of Padre Aguire y Gran Columbia
  • Moca Cafe Bar on Gran Colombia y Manzaneros
  • Jaleria – 3 de Noviembre y Bahada Todo Santos
  • Food Court Monay Shopping Center
  • Goda Restaurant in Hotel El Dorado
  • Nectar –éctar
  • Cilantro Restaurant – Juan Jaramillo y Benigno Malo