10 Reasons Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo

It’s no secret DuckDuckgo is my search engine of choice. If you search the archives of CTL you will see that I’ve written about this “secret of search” 4 times. Of course the most important reason is that DDG does not track your searches like Google.

Hongkiat writes a fantastic article  10 Reasons Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo – a must read

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I like to play poker and I would go “All In” on saying that the vast majority of the readers of this web site use Google as their primary search engine. In fact “google it” as become a common expression in the world to find out more information about “anything”. There are other alternatives and for my primary Search Engine I use DuckDuckGo. The funny sounding name is a powerful search engine that does not track your searches.  You can find out what I’ve been previous saying about DuckDuckGo with this website search

Fast Company has just written an extensive article on the power of DuckDuckgo here. Don’t miss it.



What Software Should You Have In Ecuador (Part One)

In a previous post I advocated what Electronics one should have when moving to Ecuador. Solid Software always makes great Hardware. I make no secret that I’m an Apple Fan. Life would be difficult in Cuenca without my computer, iPad and iPhone. I’m going to restrict my recommendations to web resources and apps that run on the Mac/PC/IOS/Android platforms. Please feel free to comment and add your own “must have resources”.

1.Skype – I don’ think this is surprise. Skype allows me to communicate via video and audio to anyone in the world with a Skype account. It’s free and easy to use. You can also purchase Skype minutes to communicate with people who don’t have Skype accounts but have land lines or cell phones. Facetime is similar to Skype but is only for Mac/IOS users.


2. Multiple Email accounts. Email is the most used resource of the Internet and I’m surprised that people I talk to don’t have at least two accounts. I have three (Gmail, Yahoo, Icloud). I use Gmail as my main and Yahoo as my challenge account. I use icloud as my account for email lists and subscription that I don’t need to access on a daily basis. The added advantage to Google is that it comes with 15 gb of storage.


3. Multiple Web Browsers. My primary browser is Google Chrome. I use Chrome because it provides instant translation for the many Spanish sites that I visit. I also use Firfox and Safari. All three of these are solid browsers but I think Chrome is faster and uses less memory.


4. Zite. You can skip this recommendation if you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet. Zite is available in the Itunes, Google Play and Amazon appstore. Simple stated you can create your own magazine and daily stories will be appear on your device. I get stories from the L.A. Times, Canon, Ecuador, Colombia and a heads up on apps that have gone free.  Run, don’t walk to this free app.


5. Search Engines– Surprise, I am not going to recommend Google. Not that there is anything wrong with Google other than everyone of your searches are tracked. My recommendation DuckDuckGo.com.  Funny name but a great search engine. I reviewed Duckduckgo here


I’ll add 5 more resources in few days. I look forward to your recommendations and comments.



DuckDuckGo.com – Funny Name, Great Search Engine

Tired of using Google as your main search engine.  DuckDuckgo.com might be a funny name but there is nothing funny about the excellent results. DDG is different from Google in the following ways:

  • Privacy – DDG does not track your clicks or search results
  • No Ads
  • Zero Click

The Screenflow video below show the various strenthgs of DuckDuckGo