Selling Blu-Ray DVD’s

Cleaning house at CuencaTechlife. 40 Blu Fay Titles – listed below plus 10 bonus( regular DVD’s ) – All yours for $50 – no haggling. One price takes them all.

Blu Ray Titles

  • UP – Disney/Pixar
  • Forest Gump
  • Ruby Sparks
  • War Horse
  • Trouble With The Curve
  • Celeste And Jesse Forever
  • Contagion
  • Joyful Noise – Dolly Parton
  • Ted
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • All The Days Of My Life- Channing Tatum
  • Silverado
  • The Lincoln Lawyer = Mathew McConahey
  • Public Enemy – Jonny Depp
  • Man On Fire – Denzel Washington
  • The Muppets
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Get The Gringo
  • A Little Bit Of Heaven
  • Narnia
  • Amores Perrros
  • Madagascar
  • Bee Movie
  • The Godfather
  • The Hangover
  • Company Of Heroes
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Hyde Park on Hudson
  • Rio
  • Happy Feet
  • Tree of Life
  • Patton
  • Definitely Maybe
  • Taken 2
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Home Alone
  • How Do You Know
  • Marilyn
  • The Fugitive
  • Cars 2



Ask Alexa Anything

Alexa is Amazon’s answer to Siri the voice command assistant for your digitally connected devices. I have Alexa running on my Nexus Smartphone and recently they added the capability to my Amazon Fire TV. So now I can use my remote or smartphone and say the following to the TV and have the answers, video, music etc. displayed on my big screen HDTV. You can also use Alexa on iPads and iPhones.

  • Play a song in my Amazon Library
  • Launch a movie from Netflix
  • What’s on my calendar or to do list
  • Play a favorite music or news station from any radio station in the world
  • Read the next chapter from my Kindle book
  • What’s my flash briefing from NPR News
  • Re-order physical products you previously purchased on the Amazon website.
  • Ask Alexa to find and read information from Wikipedia
  • Tell me a joke – What do you call a Grizzly with no teeth (Ans. a gummy bear)
  • Alexa Skills -turn on skills that allow your device to tell you about upcoming concerts in your city or play math games with you.


You have 10 seconds to find a photo of your dog on a beach in 2008

Can you do it? If you have your Smartphone and your Flickr app than you probably can accomplish that request.  I average about 200 photos shot on my smartphone a month. Now that I have no limits on storage I sometimes edit a photo and keep 5 versions of that photo.

Google will soon announce that you will have unlimited free storage ( in your original format ) for all your photos and videos. Amazon Prime Photo already offers unlimited storage for your photos.

I’m old enough to remember shooting photos on a film camera. Storing the prints in a shoebox and then never able to retrieve a photo that was more than 3 years old.

Run, don’t walk and get one of the 3 unlimited photo storage program/apps.

  • Flickr – 1 tb (500,000 photos) free
  • Google Photos – unlimited storage free
  • Amazon Prime Photos – unlimited storage ( $99 per year but includes other valuable services)

Oregon Flowers 2001

Oregon Flowers 2007

Cockatoo 2003

Cockatoo 2003

Sherwood Oregon 2006

sherwood fall 206

Olivia at Rockaway Beach 2004

Minolta DSC

The Complete Lis Of “Ok Google” Commands

I’m a big fan of using “Ok Google” which is a voice activated command to instruct your Android Phone or Table to execute a command. It also works on iPhones and iPads using the Google App.

Last year in August I reviewed some Google Now Commands   On average, I use “OK Google 6 times a day.  Here are some of my typical Google Now Commands in the last day

  • What time is the next NBA Finals Game
  • Show me my last 10 messages
  • Call my wife
  • Create a calendar event
  • How do you say “sometimes” in Spanish
  • How far is it from my house to Cuenca Sunrise Cafe

You can see the complete list of commands here