My Favorite Podcasts Part 3


This website/podcast is highly addictive. You will find yourself listening to more than one each time you visit. TED represents the best thinkers around the world. The talks are rarely over 15 minutes and most of them are under 10 minutes. Most of the speakers are poised professionals. The graphics are excellent and the topics are always first rate. Run, don’t walk and listen to your first TED TALK


Using Google Mail Filters

About a week ago late at night without reading the fine print I signed up for  Even geeks make stupid mistakes. Zorpia grabbed my google address book and started sending out invitations to the complete list. Bottom line, its been a source of aggravation and explaining  to people not to sign up for this service and to assign those messages to spam. But Zorpia is insidious and they send out message with the name “Lenny” which is really the email “

The video below explains how to rid yourself of zorpia messages forever.

My Favorite Podcasts Part One

Most of the people I know in Cuenca are retired and are always looking for new ways of learning. I have been a big advocate of Podcasts. What’s a podcast?  Simply stated a Podcast is A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

I watch my podcasts on my Apple TV but you can watch your podcast on your computer, smartphone or other digital device. In Part One of a four part series I highly recomment CNET’s Top 5 with Donald Bell.  The podcast is usually under 4 minutes and he discusses 5 technology choices.  This week’s episode is the Top Five Smartphone Cameras. 

Please comment in this post with your favorite podcast