Smartphone Photo And Editing Course – May 9, 2016

Are you fumbling with your Smartphone Camera and you missed a great photo. On May 9th you will learn how to better use your camera and create fantastic movies. The course information is here. The class is limited to six students.

The picture below was captured on my Nexus 6 and edited with Google Photos. The movie was created from past smartphone photos.

Dos Campasinas

Google Photos App Part One

The Google Photos App just received a major upgrade. The App runs on both Android and IOS. The Android version is extremely easy to use and after taking a picture there are6 steps to edit.

  • Crop including an angle version
  • Auto Adjust
  • Light Adjustment
  • Color
  • Pop
  • Vignette

You can use all, some or none of the edits. After the edit you can save the photo and then share to popular sites like

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Email

Or you share the photo to another editing app. Below is a a movie of a collection of Google Photos Edited samples


Finding Photos

I am preparing for my Thursday iPad Users Group Meeting on photo editing and storage. For most people the challenge is to store your photos in a safe, easy to use facility that you or a trusted friend can access from anywhere in the world.

The one minute video below represents random photos from 1997 when Sharon and I lived in Gaston Oregon. I searched, retrieved, edited and produce this video in under 10 minutes.


Random Photos Of Gaston, Oregon from digitalcollege on Vimeo.

Photo Editing Course – New Class

This photo editing class on Aug. 8th will feature the new Flickr, a free photo editing and storage program, offering  1 TB of free storage. A terrabyte is approximately 560,000 photos. This class will emphasize how to edit foreground and background light and how to easily create a video of your photos to share on the web or email.

Details on the course are here 

Before Editing


After Editing


Are Your Photos Safe?

Pop Quiz Cuenca Tech Life viewers.  What would happen if you lost your camera, computer, and digital storage cards?  Do you have a digital backup of your most precious photos?  Most people will say I think I backed it up to a cloud service or I made a CD/DVD copy.

On June 26th I will  show you how to edit, backup, and organize your digital photographs so you can easily retrieve, email or print them on demand.  I will be using Flickr’s improved service that provides 1 Terabyte of data – Enough storage for over 500,000 photos. See this link for details

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