2015 Internet Trends

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers. Which company still remains in the top 15 for the last twenty years on the Internet. If you said “Apple” then go to the head of the class. “Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends reports are the closest you’ll get to gospel”. Techcrunch does a fantastic job summarizing 197 slides here 

Other notable stats are as follows:

  • 5.6 hours a day time spent per adult user on the Internet
  • 2.8 billion Internet Users In The World
  • 2.1 Smartphone Subscribers In The World



4 Years In Cuenca

Time flies when you’re having fun. 4 years ago Sharon, Fiesty our cat and 8 pieces of luggage left Portland Oregon for the adventure of a lifetime. Fiesty has gone on to better times and Sharon and I are happier than ever. So what has changed generally and tech specifically in Cuenca.

  • more people are moving here – my guess is that the expat number is close to 5000
  • more people are moving back to their original location – my guess primarily is that they did not adapt to the culture
  • the new light rail (Tren de la cuatro rios) is on schedule to begin operations in Aug. 2016
  • unfortunately the buses still spew diesel fumes all over the city
  • larger selections of good restaurants in Cuenca
  • still very affordable to live here – inflation is under 4%
  • Internet service is cheaper, faster and more reliable
  • taxis have meter and there is more traffic due mostly to the light rail construction
  • More choices to stream quality tv and movies (Sling, Amazon Prime, HBO Now)
  • More Poker and Contract Bridge Games available

Todos Santos


Our Cuenca Anniversary comes four days before my wife’s birthday.  Feliz Cumpleaños mi amor.


The New Flickr 4.0

Flickr has been my choice of photo storage and sharing since 2004. It has always been the stepchild of Yahoo until recently when Flickr offered 1 TB of free storage. Now it has changed its design and UI(User Interface) to become the premier photo sharing service. Here are the features that should convince you to make Flickr your photo storage and sharing choice.

  • 1 TB of autobackup. Every picture you take automatically uploads with a private setting to Flickr
  • New Phone Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Redownloading – For example download all your parrot pictures from 2006 to your computer
  • Camera Roll – sort photos by date, upload, tag, album, group etc.
  • Instant Share Button – via link, facebook, email, twitter, etc.
  • Image Recognition Groupings – By portrait, landscape, flowers, food etc. Example below
  • Image Recognition Search – you can search the 11 billion photos on Flickr

I have 9200 photos stored on Flickr. Below is the Image Recognition Software Group (partial group) on Water



Below is a video demonstrating the new search facilities of Flickr 4.0





The Best Ways To Manage Your Photos – 2015

Pop Quiz CTL viewers. How many photos will be uploaded to the web this year. Go to the head of the class if you said 1 trillion. That’s a lot of shoeboxes. My guess is that most of the viewers still keep their digital shots on their computer or back up drive. I have been a long time devotee of the Cloud. Personally I have very few photos on my computer or phone. I use 4 cloud services (in order of Popularity)  Flickr, Amazon, Google + and iCloud. All the services back up automaically however I rarely use iCloud since it has a 5 gb limit.

The Verge just published the best article I have seen this year on your Photo Storage Choices. Please take some time and read the post

Which cloud service to you prefer?


App Of The Month – Yahoo News Digest

I did a brief review of Yahoo Digest last year

Yahoo News Digest is my go to news source. I automatically receive updates at 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. The Digest is delivered in 9 easily digestible news categories i.e. (U.S., World, Sports, Technology etc). The real value for me is that if I want to explore the topic further Yahoo New Digest supplies and easy to use infrastructure. For example the devastating earthquake in Nepal had the following extra features for me.

yahoo news digest

  •  Quick fact- 6,204+ dead, 13,924 + injured
  •  Videos -Nepal Prime Minister and rescue attempts by the Nepalese Army
  •  Nepal – Government and Geography – Nepal is the 93rd largest country and the 41st most populous
  •  Nepal Maps
  • Relevant Tweets

Yahoo News Digest is available for both  IOS and Android. One of my top 5 apps for my phone.