6 Year Anniversary

Thank you Cuenca Tech Life subscribers for challenging me to keep this blog an interesting time in my life and perhaps providing you with some interesting tech observations and Cuenca comments.

So what has changed since last year:

  • There are less tech posts now that I am a full time Fish Monger 
  • I have accepted my smartphone addiction and trying to reduce my daily dose of my Nexus 6
  • My guess is that there are 6000 English speaking expats in Cuenca.
  • Lenin Moreno is the new President Of Ecuador
  • Unfortunately, the Tranvia is 2 years behind schedule and the new completion target is Nov. 2018
  • It is easy and fairly inexpensive to find a great meal or have one delivered to your house.

The three most viewed posts are as follows:

Thank you again for viewing Cuenca Tech Life and your continued support

What Would Life Be Like Without The Internet (Part 1)

The initial sobering thought is that you would not be reading this post if there were no internet. The thought of  LWTI (Life Without The Internet) came to me in sort of a wave of experiences. The front edge of the wave led me to admit sometimes I use my smartphone and its connection to the Internet to avoid human contact. Yes, if I am restless at dinner or a Poker game, I take out my phone and check email or scan world headlines. Every time my phone vibrates I take it out, often interrupting an ongoing conversation. In short, I am addicted to the stimulation of the Internet.

What was life like before the Internet?

  1. Communication – There were F2F meetings, often requiring time- consuming travel to meetings. There were long distance phone calls. There was snail mail. In the 1960’s, I can remember patiently waiting in my college dormitory post office to find out if my family’s care package shipped 10 days ago had arrived today.
  2. Banking -Ah, the days of standing in line to make a deposit or to pay a vendor. It was licking a stamp on an envelope and mailing the bill to the provider of your services.
  3. Libraries – Walking to the library and hoping that the reference book you needed for your report was available and paying the library fines often.
  4. Movies – As a child, Saturday afternoons were special for my bother and me. I fondly remember going to a matinee where admission and popcorn for the both of us cost less than a dollar.
  5. Employment. There was no such thing as working online. You dressed for work. You commuted to work. More often than not you worked from 8-5 and commuted home.
  6. Television. For the first 18 years of my life there was one T.V. in the house. We watched together as a family and of course there was no streaming, Youtube or viewing on a tablet or smartphone.

Was life slower, better, more enjoyable before the Internet? For my grandchildren there are no comparisons. All of their lives they have experienced Email, Google, Facebook, iPhones and ordering from Amazon and receiving their products in the same day.  They don’t know the meaning of film and typewriters.

Could we exist today without the Internet? Does the child growing up in the Internet age lack personal communication skills? Do we as adults keep our personal communication skills sharp?

In Part 2, I will discuss a need to return to some of the skills we had before the Internet.


Other Blogs I Read

In February it will be 5 years since I started CTL. I try to post at least once a week. Sometimes I just don’t have anything new to say. So today I thought I would share with you some Blogs that I read that never seem to run out of material.




Out Of Sorts

On Tuesday Aug. 16th I am having eye surgery at Exa Laser Clinic in Cuenca. It’s a two part surgery. The first is a vitrectomy to repair a thickening of the retina wall and the other part is a cataract removal with an addition of a lens. I had this operation on an emergency basis two years ago on the right eye. The surgeon injects gas to keep the retina in place. The difficult part is laying face down when the gas is still in the eye. I should be back in the saddle in 10 days.


What Is Your Digital Brand?

A Canadian friend tried to find me on the Internet after a 25 year hiatus. He did a google search on my name and the first result was my about.me account.


My guess is that the readers of this website have at least 4 or five digital brands. The following are some common ones.

  • email
  • Blog/Website
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • about.me
  • flavors.me
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

It is even more important to have several digital brands if like me you move away from your country of origin. Even if you are not a techy or geek you can establish more digital brands. The following link is a superb method for the novice user of technology to create more digital brands. My next one is a mobile app.

77 Tools To Build A Website Or App Without Code


You need more than one digital brand if

  • Past friends, family students are searching for you
  • To establish a business
  • To reach other people
  • To establish yourself as an expert

Medium – Bring Your Stories And Ideas

What does the creator of Blogger and Twitter do for an encore. He creates Medium.com According to the founders  “Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and not just for friends”.

I have never been a big fan of Twitter. The number one reason is that 140 characters is terribly limiting for me.

I’m just starting to use Medium and its already addicting. Why? It combines two of my passions.

  • Searching
  • Publishing

I am mainly using Medium on my Smartphone. Medium is available on both the Android and IOS platforms. I haven’t started publishing yet but am finding the search facility fascinating.  More to come as I gain more experience with Medium.