Google Inbox – Snooze Feature

OK CTL subscribers – raise your digital hand if you are using the Inbox version of Gmail which looks like this below:


Now, I see very few digital hands up. So I assume most of you are using the traditional form of Gmail.


It takes a little getting uses to but you should give the Inbox version of Gmail a chance especially if you are work better in a graphic environment.

The snooze feature allows you to send emails that you want to respond to later to a snooze folder for attention at a specific time and date.

More on the snooze feature at this well written link 




4 Year Anniversary

300 posts and almost 70,000 views later CuencaTechLife is celebrating 4 years. A special thank you to CTL subscribers and those of you who read this blog on a steady or occasional basis.

So what has changed since last year.

  • Smartphones are the #1 subject quickly followed by photos
  • Only an educated guess but I think Cuenca now has about 5,500 expats
  • 3 major daily publications (Gringo Post, Gringo Tree & Cuenca High Life
  • Fiber Optic Internet is now available
  • The Tranvia is 62% complete
  • More great  restaurants at affordable prices
  • Activities and courses to fit any persons needs

The 3 most viewed Posts on CTL

Thanks for reading CTL and for your helpful and interesting comments.


4 Interesting Websites You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Pop Quiz CTL subscribers.  What websites do you go to daily. Like me you probably have a 5 -10 regular sites. I thought I would give you some new ones to add to your list

  1. Patatap –  A great distraction. Responds to the keys of your keyboard
  2. Coolhunting – Cool Hunting is an award-winning publication that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture
  3. Hivestory  is an online collaborative dynamic story or set of stories. Every member of has the opportunity to contribute words (or nodes) and vote on them to create and shape infinite possible story threads.
  4. Favorite And Forget – brings only the best links every day.

Enjoy these picks. Below is a Youtube movie I created using Patatap

What Is The Most Useful Site In The History Of The Internet

I’m going to bet 10 cents that no one guesses this site: Here are some of the things this site can do that Google can not:

  • Know exactly what to expect when you go to the doctor

  • You can plug in various bits of information to find out risks of developing diseases.

  • Generate awesome demographic charts

  • How much a dollar from any point in history would be worth today

  • Convert, say, 1950 dollars to 1995 dollars

  • Compare all sorts of man-made structures

  • You can learn about what the internet sees when they look at your computer

  • You can also look at long-term energy price trends for all sorts of locations

Ok, so pay your 10 cents if you didn’t say the site was Wolfram Alpha.

LifeHacker just came up with 13 awesome tricks for the Average Wolfram Alpha User


17 Things You Did Before Smartphones

The other day I left my house to walk to the El Centro section of Cuenca. It’s a 2 mile walk and once a week I do this for exercise. About 1/2 mile into the walk I reached for my Smartphone and I started to panic. At first I thought I lost it but soon realized I forgot to put to take it off my desk and put it in my pocket. I then started to giggle about all the things one could do before the Smartphone. Here are just 17 of them:

  1. You had hobbies now you have apps
  2. You knew people’s phone numbers
  3. You tried local restaurants – now you just go to Trip Advisor or Yelp
  4. You used a physical map that did not have a glowing dot to show you where you are
  5. You could talk about trivia with your friends for hours and not be sure who was right
  6. You didn’t check your phone 12 times during dinner
  7. You checked the paper or called the theatre for movie times
  8. You listened to the radio to check the weather
  9. You took pictures with your camera and if you weren’t carrying one you missed the shot
  10. You had road maps in your glove compartment
  11. You set an alarm clock to wake you up
  12. You could make much better excuses for being late
  13. You never knew what your friends were doing unless you asked them
  14. You wrote thank you notes instead of emailing
  15. You made actual phone calls instead of texts
  16. You had to have your wallet to buy a latte at Starbucks
  17.  You read a newspaper.

Can we live healthy successful lives without Smartphones? Of course we can. But, now that I own a smartphone I can’t even fathom the idea of living without one for more than a few hours. “Ok Google, how many times have I used the word “Smartphones” in this article?



Get 2 GB Free Cloud Storage – Today 2/9/16 Only

It seems I always need more storage with several email accounts and a huge photo and video collection. Google is offering 2 gb of free storage by doing a routine security check on your google account settings. The check takes about 2 minutes to complete and is actually very helpful.  I found that several apps and games had access to my Google setting. I quickly eliminated those privileges.

Security Check



Several Things You May Not Know Google Photos Can Do

I now take 100% of my photos with my Nexus 6 Smartphone. I sold my Canon DSLR last year. Having a Smartphone for your photos has the following advantages:

  • Always available in your pocket or purse
  • Tap to focus
  • Geo tagging- always know where your pictures were taken
  • HDR (High Dyanamic Range) for taking photos in the dark
  • Instant sharing with friends and family

Google photos is now my app of choice because of the following:

  • Search for people place and things. I can find all my grandson pics in two clicks
  • Automatic backup to the Google Cloud thus saving valuable memory storage
  • Fastest and simplest photo editing usually 3-4 clicks for great results
  • Show photos from your Smartphone with Chromecast
  • Create shared albums with 2 clicks
  • Create movies and collages with 2 clicks
  • Select multiple photos with a single click

Todo Santos