How Far Do You Walk In A Week?

For me the answer this week is 27.3 miles. The reason I know how many steps I take each day is the free app on my Nexus 5 phone called “Moves”(also available on the iPhone). Moves gives me the time, number of steps, miles(or km) and a map of my walk. It  even tells me when I set a new record. It tallies each day. For the past 6 months I have been averaging 24 miles a month so this month was higher than my average.

Moves also connects seamlessly with other fitness apps. You can also share your results with social networks and email. Run, don’t walk and get the “Moves” App.


Need A Tablet?

Now why would the founder of the Cuenca iPad Users Group suggest that you purchase a Amazon Tablet? I have committed this blog to being platform agnostic. Amazon is going through some blips in their stock price. They are one of tech titans but for a limited time they are offering a great price on two of their tablets. Don’t get me wrong I think that any of the iPads are top of the line and you could do no wrong buying any of the iPad models, but the iPads are pricey.


Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is $179


Fire HD 6″ Tablet is $99


Below are some trusted video reviews. If I was buying another table I would spend the extra $79 ang get the Fire HDX for the Mayday feature. Amazon guarantees 15 second live video help with any problem.

Fire HDX review

Fire  HD 6 review



What’s Your Favorite App?

I consider myself to be Platform Agnostic. I own a Nexus 5 phone, and a iPad Mini. I use these two device approximately 6 hours a day. Here are 2  apps that run on both platforms and make my day a lot more productive.


You can store over 1/2 million photos free and immediately recall photos from your own albums or from the entire Flickr collection of 2 billion photos. Below is a favorite rose shot from 2005



Did you ever find an interesting web site and wanted to save it for offline reading. After acquiring a free pocket account the user just needs to click on the “share button” on their favorite browser. Below are some examples of some saved web sites using Pocket.

15431515789_c3a600c391_k (1)


You can find the iPad/iPhone App at the App Store and the Android apps on the Google Play Store


What are your favorite apps?

Tablet, Phablet or Smartphone

I have a confession to make. Ever since I acquired the Nexus 5 Phone and the iPad Mini Retina I only use my Macbook for photo and video editing. Several days can go by without opening my computer. The tablet and smartphone are too powerful and portable to drag my notebook computer around. Tablets and smartphones have become more powerful and cheaper in the last year. Recently I read a quote that an iPhone 6 has more storage and computing power than President Bill Clinton had when he was President.

You can also purchase a Phablet like the Nexus 6 or the iPhone 6+ which is a smartphone with a large screen and a fast processor. The Nexus 6 has a 6 inch screen thus making watching HD Video a reality.

A new Nexus 7 tablet is now less than $200 and the iPad Mini is $249. Expect to pay $749 for a contract free iPhone 6+ and $649 for a Nexus 6. A Nexus 5 Smartphone ( I own this one ) is a great bargain at $349

My Day With My Nexus 5 and iPad Mini

My iPad is on my nightstand. I often look at email and notifications before I get dressed. I take my espresso and iPad into the Sun Room and answer email, Facebook messages and Blog comments.

On my walk into town I am listening to several podcasts on my smartphone. – Marketplace, Fresh Air, This American Life.

I stop off at a local Internet Cafe and take out my ipad Mini to answer email and play Contract Bridge on Bridge I sometimes Skype with friends and family

On my walk back home I will listen to Books On Tape or Amazon Music.

Later in the evening I will watch a movie on the iPad using  Netflix or Amazon Prime and finishing off the day with reading on my Kindle App.



Do You Have An Email Signature?

First, let’s define “email signature”. Several lines of information appended automatically to the end of each email message. Sometime there is a witty or inspirational message included but the most important part is your contact info.

Here is my email signature

Believe you can and you’re halfway there. T.Roosevelt
Cell in Ecuador: 099 122 1238
MagicJack Number – 503-895-6417
Some of my friends include their address but since I don’t live in a secured condo I have left out the address. The signature provides your contact info which is invaluable if you need to be conteacted via phone . If people call me from my signature and I don’t recognize the name I can always send them to voicemail.
You can usually add a signature in your email settings.

Do You Have A Personal Assistant?

Today I was walking on Remegio Crespo when a couple asked me if I knew my way around. They asked me where La Fornace Restaurant was located. They were tourists from Idaho and we quickly found a common ground since my wife is from Idaho. I told them that the Restaurant was about 3/4 mile away but that I thought they could get a better meal at Tutto Matto. I didn’t know if the Restaurant was open so I took out my Nexus 5 and said “OK Google” (The Android Personal Assistant). I then asked the personal assistant if the Restaurant was open. It took me to Tutto Matto’s Facebook Page and we all found out that the Restaurant was closed on Monday. “Wow” was the reply of the tourists. Google Now works in Ecuador- unfortunately Siri the personal assistant on the iPhone does not work with the maps section of Ecuador.

Siri does work very well with commands like setting alarms, sending texts, finding songs etc. I find that Google Now works much better with informational items like “What is the name of the Secretary of State Of the U.S.”

Cortana is the name of the Personal Assistant on the Windows Phone but I have  no personal experience against Siri or Google Now.

A lot depends on the noise level of the street when using your Personal Assistant but I find Google Now invaluable in a quiet setting when I need instant information.

You can see a  CNET Video of Sir and Google Now compared here


Easy Taxi – Follow-up

I promised to follow-up on my first impression of EASY TAXI,

Since Sept 28th I have requested a cab from Easy Taxi 9 times. You may ask yourself “Does he really keep count of his taxi requests”. And the answer is “NO”, but the Easy Taxi app does and in the history it reports back the date, the driver and the rating that I gave my Easy Taxi experience.

Here’s the instant replay

  • 9 requests – 8 successful pickups
  • All within 3 minutes of the promised arrival time
  • The one unsuccessful request was made at 6:00 pm and it was rainy. I gave up waiting for a response
  • Is there an extra charge for the service. It says that the driver can charge and extra 50 cents.
  • No driver requested more than the metered price
  • Can you use the smartphone without a data plan. Only if you stay within Wif-Connection distance

Easy Taxi – a great reason to own a smartphone in Ecuador.


These And That…

Once a month I’m going to briefly mention what I’m doing with these  devices (Macbook, iPad, Nexus 5).  That other part will be some interesting sites on the Internet.

  • iPad – Just installed IOS 8. As of this writing there is a problem with connecting your iPad via airplay to your Apple TV
  • Macbook – the new operation system (Yosemite) should be out by the end of the month
  • Nexus 5 – I am really enjoying the PacketCasts App.  I’m listening or watching the following podcasts everyday:
    • Marketplace
    • Fresh Air
    • Ted Radio Hour
    • Daily Show with Jon Steward
    • All About Android

If you need to know the latest happenings our Digital World I highly recommend these two sites

Any websites that you want to include on “These and That”?

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