300 awesome free things

WARNING: Reading the following link (300 awesome free things) could be a timesink that you will cost you several hours. Or it may be the source of invaluable resources. I spent about 15 minutes perusing the list.

There are some very valuable resources. I found the following very helpful for me. Enjoy!


3 Year Anniversary

3 years ago I started Cuenca Tech Life with the aim of writing about tech and life in Cuenca, Ecuador.

So what has changed in Cuenca in 3 years

  • Almost 3 times as many Expats
  • Cheaper, faster and better Internet Service
  • Activities galore (ie. iPad, Writers, Bridge, Poker, Crafts, Language). You name it and there is probably a group in Cuenca
  • The Tranvia is 25% complete

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Thanks for reading CTL and for your helpful and interesting comments.



A Movie Streaming Search Engine

I love to watch movies. I love to watch movies that are included in my subscription services (Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku).

Just Watch is a streaming search engine for movies only that finds where that movie is located. For example I wanted to view “Lawrence Of Arabia”. Below is the result I got back from Just Watch



I searched for “Hutch” this time  and the results are below.



Run, don’t walk to get this powerful search engine.

How Secure Is Your Google Account

It’s rare that you meet someone who does not have a Google Account. I have been using Google Mail since it started. I also use their calendar, YouTube, and several other properties.

Google is offering 2 gb of extra storage on your Google Drive if you take 3 minutes and verify some of your data. You will also get a chance to see who has access to your Google account. I was surprised and shocked who has access to my data. Do yourself a favor and find out. I eliminated 70% of who had access to my Google accounts.

The link is here



Finding Photos

I am preparing for my Thursday iPad Users Group Meeting on photo editing and storage. For most people the challenge is to store your photos in a safe, easy to use facility that you or a trusted friend can access from anywhere in the world.

The one minute video below represents random photos from 1997 when Sharon and I lived in Gaston Oregon. I searched, retrieved, edited and produce this video in under 10 minutes.


Random Photos Of Gaston, Oregon from digitalcollege on Vimeo.

Ecuador: Siri vs. Ok Google

For the benefit of the uninitiated Siri is the voice activated search assistant for IOS and “Ok Google” is the counterpart for the Android world. Since I have an iPad and a Nexus 5 I can compare the identical searches.  Below are the searches and results.

  • Who is the Foreign Minister of Ecuador – OK Google gave me the correct audio answer and Siri sent me to Wikipedia
  • What is the temperature in Cuenca, Ecuador – Ok Google gave me the 5 day forecast and Siri gave me the temperature in Quito
  • How many provinces are there in Ecuador – Both assistants sent me to Wikipedia
  • How far is it to Fabiano’s Restaurante. Ok Google gave me the distance from my house and the traveling time and Siri was totally lost even though I have Locations Services activated.
  • What is the best hotel in Cuenca, Ecuador – OK, Google likes Mansion Alcazar and Siri said” I can’t look for hotels in Ecuador”

Ok, I know these were 5 random questions that were skewed towards my experience in Cuenca. I’m sure Siri performs much better when the questions are U.S. centric. However, I think Ok Google because of its’s association with the apps that support Google Now is a much better assistant than Sir. What’s your opinion?




Google Now

“According to Google, the company is now adding support for 40 new apps within Google Now. As of yesterday, your Android phone or tablet will now be subject to an information overload of sorts.”

Actually, I find it refreshing. About twice a day I slide my Nexus 5 phone screen to the right and I get updated information on subjects germane to me. For example. The following appeared today.

  • Current temperature in Cuenca, Ecuador
  • Video highlights of the Superbowl
  • Updated Stock prices
  • What’s streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime in February
  • What’s wrong with the Portland Trailblazers

You can see the complete complete list of the apps in this article