Qwiki.com – Part Two – Step By Step

It takes a little practice to get the narration timing to match the graphics and the photos. I’m still having problem with the exact map locations.

I think this is a dynamic way to learn about topics and market a product.  In this one minute video I discuss the location and contents of Runa Maki my friend’s tienda in Cuenca. The screenflow video below shows a step by step process of how I created the Qwiki video.

Qwiki.com – Creating A Web Video Part One

Presenting web information has radically changed with the introduction of Qwiki.com. This is the second revision of this web site. Before you just searched for information. Now you can create your own qwiki using maps, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, Text and Photos.  In Part Two I’ll show you some of the pizzazz of Qwikie but for now I’ll show you my first attempt at this unique and interesting platform.

Play the Qwiki: Cuenca Tech Life (Part One)