Send Directions To Your Android Phone

Directions to a new location just got easier and cooler. Now you can open Google. com type your address and click on send directions to your phone. Open Google Maps on your phone and voila it automatically appears.

You can then choose car or walking as the options to arrive with the approximate time to your location.

The Verge Website gives detailed instructions


Find My Phone (please)

Both Apple and Android have systems in place to find your phone if lost and stolen.

With Apple you can use the “Find My Phone” app and by logging into your icloud account you can pretty accurately find your IOS device. Google has made it easier by allowing you with your browser to type into a Google Search Bar- “Find My Phone”. It worked perfectly and with both devices you can ring the device, lock the device or erase the data.

I used it the other day when I was certain my phone was in the house and I had the app ring my phone eventually finding it in the sun room inside my jacket pocket. FWIW, the location finder on the Android device was more accurate than finding my iPad. In any case make sure you have access to the app or the google search bar




“Photos” Software From Apple – First Impressions

Before I even start talking about Photos you need to have OS 10.10 (Yosemite) installed. Photos is suppose to replace iPhoto. However, I still can run both pieces of software on my Macbook Pro. I have only used the new software for about an hour. Here are my first impressions.

  • The interface is easier and more intuitive.
  • Retouching has been added to the editing tools.
  • The slideshow tool is easier and I love the new music
  • I think it more than fits the needs of the novice and advanced beginner
  • Does not fulfill the power of Aperture which will be discontinued from Apple.

Walt Mossberg reviews the software here 

Look for an updated review when I have more experience with Photos

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Flipboard – App Of The Month

Attention all new junkies. Flipboard is Nirvana :-). Okay, maybe not Nirvana but definitely a must have app for your IOS or Android devices. Flipboard is my GOTO source for blogs, tech info, photos, magazines and anything that is trending on Social Media. It’s a Free App that you can download from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.  The video below is a very short tutorial on how to use Flipboard.