The New Flickr

Pop Quiz Cuenca Tech Life Viewers – How many photos are in a terabyte?  Answer – That’s about 600,000 photos (mas o menos). That’s how much storage the new Free Flickr account offers each and every subscriber. Flickr offers about 70 times the storage as the nearest competitor and all the photos are in full resolution. Flickr does not compress their photos.  David Pogue of the New York Times makes some keen observations about the new Flickr in his weekly article

I have used Flickr since 2004 and will enjoy the new interface and frankly not paying the $24.  To get your 1 TB free account Click here 

The next Digital Editing Course that makes use of the new Flickr will be June 26th.  Details are here 

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Internet Speed, Wifi, VPN

In April I returned to Oregon for 2 weeks and was amazed at the ubiquity of WiFi in Portland. Besides WiFi being everywhere,  the speed of my Internet connection was much faster.  The very good news in Cuenca, Ecuador is that the Internet speed is getting faster, the cost for the connection is getting cheaper and there are more Wifi hot spots than ever before. Gringos Abroad just did a comprehensive review of Internet connections in Ecuador . First rate research and very accurate.

I can only speak of my Internet connections in Cuenca.  As mentioned in another section of this blog – there are 4 major providers – ETAPA, TV CABLE, PUNTONET AND CENTRONET. I  have used all 4 services and my #1 preference is TV CABLE.  Internet speed and connection is still a neighborhood by neighborhood issue.  Some buildings are not wired for TV CABLE and some ETAPA connections have very old wiring.  My suggestion for newcomers is to ask around and read the different forums and don’t be bashful to ask lots of questions.

For me, my Internet connection is my lifeline to my family and friends and fast dependable connections are a must. For a map of WiFi connections in Cuenca – Click here



Apple TV Updates

As many of you know I’m a big fan of Apple TV. I use it every day for news, tech updates, movies and TV programs.  As of 5/8 there has not been automatic updates on many of the podcasts(i.e. NBC, CBS News, TED Talks etc).  There been much discussion on the Apple Forums but as of 5/12/12 at 1:30 pm Quito Time nothing has been done.   My guess is our only alternative is to raise a stink with Apple and be patient.


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