A Great New Way Of Watching More T.V. In Ecuador

Roku Users rejoice! Now you can add the “Google Play” Channel to your Roku Streaming Media Device.

Here is what the popular Gizmodo blog has to say:

Roku was already the best little streaming device money could buy. But now, Google has gone and given Roku players access to all your Google Play movie and TV goodies. Which, more than just being an unprecedented move on Google’s part, makes Roku pretty much unstoppable.

My home setup now has the three major services( Itunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play) just a remote click away. When you install the free Google channel on your Roku player Google treats you to the X-Men movie. And, here is a link of a survey of why users prefer Google Play ove Itunes. However, I highly recommend purchasing both Apple TV and Roku because of the eas of use of Apple TV and the Airplay which allows your Apple Product to wirelessly transmit to your TV.


End Of The Year Goodies

Attention Apple Products Users .  Apple through the Itunes Store is offering  12 days of gifts until Jan 6th. Today is a download of the Martin Scorcese Film  Hugo.

It´s a download with a value of $19.99. You can find the app in the App store under ¨12 Days¨.  You may need a VPN if you´re in Ecuador but certainly worth a try if you don´t have one.


Researchbuzz is one of my favorite tech news sources. Tara Calishain has been researching the Net for 20 years.  Today’s post has some real gems


Finally, my good friend Alan from Mississippi sent me a great video link tutorial on how to better search Google. Well worth a look.

Power_Searching_with_GoogleLastly to my friends and subscribers – Happy New Year – Feliz Año Nuevo

Great iPhone/iPad App

Quiz Up

I’m not much of a game player. I think I have 6 apps out of 200 that are actually games. If you have an iPhone or iPad then “Run, don’t walk to get this free app. Unfortunately, it does not run on the Android platform. You compete with players around the world on different trivia topics. Superb  UI  (“User Interface”) and great topics arranged in degree of difficulty.  I’m totally addicted.


Netflix – Great Entertainment

When I lived in Oregon I had a Netflix subscription before they developed the streaming service. Netflix was introduced to Latin America at the end of 2011.  I use Netflix with my IPad, MacBook Air, and Apple TV.  There is only one flavor in Ecuador.  It’s $7.99 per month.  There are no first run movies but hundreds of choices in different genres and TV programs.

The best part is using Netflix through Apple TV.  The movie instantly starts.  Much better than ordering a movie from Itunes where there is a 20- 30 minute wait while the movie stream buffers.  Here is an offer that is valid as of today. If you don’t have a Netflix account then go to this url — netflix.com/twit and get a free month.  Below is a 30 second video of my Apple TV Netflix experience.