A Minute With Len (2015)

So last year I realized that less than 1% of the photos I snapped that were posted to Flickr were pictures of me. You can see that post here.

This year I have even less pictures of me so for my family and friends the video below are some photos of me. BTW, Flickr is a great way to track your photos.


A Minute With Len

An ex-student of mine from the Brentwood Public Schools was perusing my Flickr collection of photos and she emailed me why she couldn’t find more pictures of me when I was teaching. I looked at my Flickr Photo Stream (9,161) photos and only found 47 pictures of me. Yikers, less than 1%. ┬áSo here’s a youtube 1 minute video and I need to be more vigilant taking photos of me.

lenny wall art