The Dangerous Streets Of Cuenca (Sarcasm)

We are having a challenge convincing some important people in our lives to come visit us in Cuenca so Sharon and I created this video of our  barrio (neighborhood).  The video is a little longer than most of the videos I create but I think it’s worth a view because of Sharon’s sense of humor and insight.

ScreenFlow – Part One

If you’re not a Mac Geek then Screenflow will be of no interest to you. It is basically the best screencasting, video editing combocasting program around.  What will be of interest to everyone who reads this blog is how I recorded the video and then added original music( which I created using Garageband), voice over, text and annotation. I’m in the learning mode so get ready for some better productions in the future.

The 2:30 video below is about my walk to the barber shop and what I encountered on the way. Basically I treked through 4 Cuenca Barrios without walking through El Centro.

Computer Workshops In Cuenca And Online

Later this month I plan to offer some 3 hour computer workshops in Cuenca.  I have previously delivered these courses in person and online in the U.S. Please take a moment and complete the poll. Feel free to make comments about any other courses that you are interested in. Of course feel free to email me at  Thanks for your participation.

Alternative Search Engines – Qwiki

Google is a great search engine. I use Google 85% of the time. But, sometimes I need to digest the information in a different way. Qwiki is a search engine that combines both audio and video into digestible nuggets of Knowledge. Plus Qwiki also suggests similar topics from your first entered search term. Below is a screenflow video of Qwiki.

Animoto – Part One

A big challenge for any photographer is how to store, share and present your photos to friends and family.  Animoto is a super easy-to-use web based application that you can use on your computer (PC or Mac) IPad, IPod or IPhone to create videos using your photos plus music.  The Lite program is free to use to make 30 seconds videos or you can subscribe to their Plus program for $30 per year . The Plus program gives you unlimted storage and the videos can be longer than 30 seconds.  The Pro version is probably beyond the scope of the readers of this blog as it is geared to professional photographers and businesses.

After you create a new video using your photos, you can share it with friends on the web, Facebook, or Email.

In my next post I will create a screenflow video to show the easy steps in creating an Animoto video. Below is a short sample of my trip to visit family in the U.S.

Apple TV

Apple TV:

Cost: $99


  • HDTV with available HDMI Port.
  • Internet Connection
  • Router For Wireless Connection
  • IPad for AirPlay

Personal Experience:

Setup was a breeze. I have my Apple TV connected wirelessly to my router. I use Apple TV for the following:

  • Watching HD Movies
  • Watching  HD TV programs
  • Viewing My IPad on the 40 inch Samsung HDTV
  • Sharing My Photos On the Samsung TV with friends and family
  • Watching And Listening To My Favorite Podcasts
  • Watching Video From Flickr, YouTube And Vimeo

Rating: A 10 out of 10. Especially noteworthy is the simplicity of navigation between podcasts, movies, photos, music etc.  This is a run, don’t walk to purchase.

Apple TV is just not for Apple or IPad/IPhone products.  You can use this product with your PC laptop or desktop computer.  You can find the full Apple Description here