Google Photo Tips

The Google Photos App is my Go To photo editor/storage tool. It’s easy, powerful and there is the unlimited storage hook that makes this app (IMHO) the best.

Computerworld has an excellent article and video on tips to better use the app.

You can find it here

The photo below was edited with Google Photos.


101 Ipad Tips and Tricks

This June I sold my iPad 2 and purchased an iPad Mini w/retina screen. I also purchased a bluetooth keyboard and case and I now find I use my Macbook less. In fact I highly recommend replacing your computer with an iPad unless you need a big screen or heavy duty processing power (i.e. video or Photoshop Editing).

101 iPad Tips and Tricks provides the novice as well as the advanced users with plenty of answers and time saving procedures.  My favorite was

Save Maps for Offline Use Google Maps

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