What Is Your Digital Brand?

A Canadian friend tried to find me on the Internet after a 25 year hiatus. He did a google search on my name and the first result was my about.me account.


My guess is that the readers of this website have at least 4 or five digital brands. The following are some common ones.

  • email
  • Blog/Website
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • about.me
  • flavors.me
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

It is even more important to have several digital brands if like me you move away from your country of origin. Even if you are not a techy or geek you can establish more digital brands. The following link is a superb method for the novice user of technology to create more digital brands. My next one is a mobile app.

77 Tools To Build A Website Or App Without Code


You need more than one digital brand if

  • Past friends, family students are searching for you
  • To establish a business
  • To reach other people
  • To establish yourself as an expert