Cloud Services – Google Drive & Sky Drive

Attention all Geeks!  Ok, you don’t have to be a geek to be interested in The Cloud. Are you old enough to remember the Dustin Hoffman movie “The Graduate”?  Dustin was told the future was “Plastics”. Well I’m telling you in Cuenca, Ecuador on April 30, 2012 that the future is “The Cloud”.

Look at your email address. It’s probably “gmail, yahoo, hotmail or a similar cloud service. My music is in the Icloud, my photos are in the Flickr cloud and my videos are on Skydrive the Microsoft Cloud.  What does this mean?  It means when I travel back to the U.S. I don’t need my computer to send email, work on documents or show my family and friends the latest photos or videos of Cuenca.

How much storage do you need and what does it cost.  The amount of storage depends on how much data you want immediately available.  My estimate is that I have close to 100 gb of totally free storage.

Google Drive and Sky Drive are discussed in the video below: