Salmon, Scallops, Lamb And Duck

Tomorrow fresh 2 day out of the water Salmon arrives 4/18 in Cuenca. Reserve your big fillet.

Bigger Bay scallops also arrives 4/18.

Leg of Lamb is on sale

Whole Duck and Duck Legs are now stock items.

Reminder for the Gran Feria at Tutto Matto on 4/21 from 10:00 – 3:00 pm

Nexus 6 Smartphone 64 gb On Sale

Very limited sale on the Nexus 6 Smartphone 64 gb. It’s selling for $299. I purchased mine on sale 3 months ago for $399 and I thought I got a deal because the original price was $699. Run, don’t walk to

Best smartphone I have owned. The only down side is that it is a phablet. 6 inch phone and on the heavy side. I love the camera and speed.

sm and me


Amazon Prime $67 – Sept 25th (24 hours)

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime. I’m a bigger fan living in Ecuador and here is why.

  • Most expats depend on streaming TV services and Amazon Prime is one of the best with award winning original TV series like Transparent
  • Prime video offers thousands of videos and tv programs including almost all of the HBO first season series
  • Amazon Photo- I take a photo on my smartphone or iPad and it is automatically uploaded to Amazon Photo which offers unlimited storage.
  • Amazon Music- thousands of songs and albums for instant streaming when you have a wifi connection.
  • Two day free shipping on most products purchased from Amazon. Although they don’t ship to Ecuador I always have a friend I can ship to so when they are in the United States they can bring it back to me.
  • Kindle Lending Library.  One Kindle book free each month.

Now for less than $5.60 a month you can have a great service.

Sale starts at midnight 9/25 for 24 hours.  Only open to new members (Damn)