Qwiki.com – Part Two – Step By Step

It takes a little practice to get the narration timing to match the graphics and the photos. I’m still having problem with the exact map locations.

I think this is a dynamic way to learn about topics and market a product.  In this one minute video I discuss the location and contents of Runa Maki my friend’s tienda in Cuenca. The screenflow video below shows a step by step process of how I created the Qwiki video.

Alternative Search Engines – Qwiki

Google is a great search engine. I use Google 85% of the time. But, sometimes I need to digest the information in a different way. Qwiki is a search engine that combines both audio and video into digestible nuggets of Knowledge. Plus Qwiki also suggests similar topics from your first entered search term. Below is a screenflow video of Qwiki.