One Of A Kind Pillow Cases For Mother’s Day

Full Disclosure. Sharon McIntosh besides being my wife is a talented quilter and for The Bumba Bazaar she has made beautiful pillow cases.


Did you know that each person can benefit from having their own special pillowcase? This week, I made one dozen pillowcases in a variety of prints for your pleasure. Each is made from100% cotton (US quality cotton) in a variety of bright patterns and colors?  These are completely washable. Cold water is best to keep the colors bright.  Toss them in the dryer.

There is no need to have your special pillowcase match the sheets or the room decor because it is as individual as you are. You will feel great each time you snuggle into bed with your very own unique pillowcase.

They are for sale at the Bumba Bazaar
Make your dreams sweeter.
 come pick a favorite one for yourself or a grandchild.
Cost is $18.50.  A percentage of each sale goes to benefit Cuenca Mujeres Con Exito.
Sewed with a dedication to excellence by Sharon McIntosh