The Almost Final Word On Smartphones In Cuenca

Last night at a restaurant in Cuenca I polled the 8 people present and only 50% of the table had smartphones. Statiscally that may defeat my argument for the need of a Smartphone in Cuenca. However, for me the Google Nexus 5 ( I previously owned an iPhone 4s) is a necessity. In my previous post – The Case For A Smartphone in Cuenca, I gave 8 personal reasons that worked for me.

I just read in an interesting statistic that a child with a smartphone in 2014 has more information available to him/her than President Clinton did in 1996. – Triple Yowza.

Yesterday, in preparation for this post I jotted down on my phone all the ways I used my phone to save time. The first couple of bullet points are obvious ones.

  • answering email instantly
  • Being available to my children and grandchildren through the magic jack app in an emergency
  • Winning a bet with a friend having coffee
  • Playing competitve Bridge with players around the world
  • ** Tethering to my laptop when the Internet went down yesterday**
  • Navigation when the taxi driver could not find his way
  • Listening to Amazon Music’s amazing music collection

I just started a Facebook Group called – Cuenca Smartphone Users. The purpose is to share apps and interesting uses of Smartphones.