Podcasts – Learning And Entertainment

I’ve never liked the term Podcasts or Blog. Both terms produce confused looks. I would say it’s an audio or video file that you can listen on your favorite mobile device (i.e. smartphone, iPad). But podcast is the accepted term so I will use it throughout the article.

Listening to podcasts are a significant part of my day both for entertainment and learning. I use a paid app called “Pocket Casts” that runs on my Android smartphone but it’s also available for the iPhone and iPad. ¬†Everyday I listen to the following podcasts

  • Marketplace – Business
  • Marketplace Tech – Duh
  • Fresh Air – Terry Gross – Interviews with world personalities
  • Ted Radio Hour – Talks by Interesting people on business and tech

The following podcasts are on once a week and are mostly to keep on my tech knowledge.

  • iPad Today
  • Android App Addicts
  • The Podcast Report

What are your favorite podcasts?


37 Best Websites To Learn Something New

I found this great link on medium.com.  The article breaks up the 37 websites into the following categories.

  • Take An Online Course
  • Learn How To Code
  • Learn To Work With Data
  • Learn New Languages
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Bonus

I found 7 new sites that interested me. I also had looked and was/am using 12 of the sites (i.e. duolingo, Udemy, TED, lynda.com). Definitely worth a look

37 Websites