Need A Tablet?

Now why would the founder of the Cuenca iPad Users Group suggest that you purchase a Amazon Tablet? I have committed this blog to being platform agnostic. Amazon is going through some blips in their stock price. They are one of tech titans but for a limited time they are offering a great price on two of their tablets. Don’t get me wrong I think that any of the iPads are top of the line and you could do no wrong buying any of the iPad models, but the iPads are pricey.


Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet is $179


Fire HD 6″ Tablet is $99


Below are some trusted video reviews. If I was buying another table I would spend the extra $79 ang get the Fire HDX for the Mayday feature. Amazon guarantees 15 second live video help with any problem.

Fire HDX review

Fire  HD 6 review